Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sum-Sum-Summer Time!

This past week, we spent some time in Oregon and Washington with Steve’s family.

First stop – Aunt Lori’s house!001


Aunt Lori and Uncle Clay gave Claire the book I’m A Big Sister.  Here Aunt Lori is reading it to her.018

Next stop:  Grandma Robin and Grandpa D’Wayne’s house

We walked over to see their neighbor, Joe, and his dogs’ new puppies.  They were only a week old when these pictures were taken.  Claire was totally in love!002



Joe playing babies with Claire009

Hanging with Uncle John and Gayle018

Claire found a pair of Aunt Nicole’s high heels and decided to take them for a spin.022

Swimming with Grandma Robin031

Splashing with Aunt Nicole036

Playing catch with Uncle John051

Helping Grandpa D’Wayne water his garden071

Claire had so much fun with her Aunt Emily.086

I took this picture during our drive from the desert to the beach.  What a beautiful contrast between the desert mountain and the snow-capped mountain!087

Next we headed to Gramps’ beach house.

At the beach100

Riding the four-wheeler with Daddy145

Loving the beach!150

Aunt Dawn, Cousin Jordan, Cousin Caleb, Aunt Kasey, Claire and Cousin Toni172

Playing in the sand with Aunt Kasey, Jordan and Aunt Dawn175

Watching the girls ride the four-wheeler through her “glasses”187

Next up:  Grandpa LeRoy and Grandma Faye’s house

Taking a walk with Grandpa LeRoy002

Kisses from Chocolate008

Snuggling with Grandpa LeRoy017

Then we headed to Grandpa and Grandma Osterholm’s house.

Playing in the yard with Grandpa O023

Having fun with Grandma O (who made her some homemade peanut butter cookies!)034


The last stop on our trip – Grandma Jan and Grandpa Art’s house

Claire loves her cousin, Jared054

The Girls – Aunt Dawn, Alexis, me, Aunt Lori, Aunt Kasey049

We had a great visit with our family!  Thank you to everyone – you made my birthday special!  Claire had a wonderful time and enjoyed playing with everyone.  We’re really looking forward to visiting again in the spring and introducing everyone to Baby Cale.  We love you!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday Pie

Since we’re going to be out of town next weekend, Steve and Claire decided to celebrate my birthday this weekend. 

My family celebrates with pie.  It needs no other name.  Merely the mention of pie in my family makes everyone salivate.  Pie is quite complicated to make.  The crust alone frustrates many who attempt it.  However, my darling husband, out of his love for me, has worked to perfect it.  Every year on my birthday, Steve makes pie.  This year Claire helped.

Getting ready to make pie002

Sifting the dry ingredients for the crust006

Mixing the crust008

Pricking the crust016

Adding the ingredients for the filling024

Setting the timer014

Filling the crust026

Topping the pie029

The chef always has the right to sample034

And the best part – chocolate crust on top!041


Claire’s finished pie043

It was totally de-lish!!  Thank you, Steve and Claire for making me pie for my birthday!  I loved it!  And I love both of you with all of my heart!!!  What a wonderful birthday present!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Party Weekend

This past weekend we went to Tulsa to celebrate the July birthdays.

Claire and I flew in for lunch on Friday with MiMi, PopPop, Aunt Susie and Uncle Laban.

Headed to lunch at Los Cabos with PopPop and MiMi001

Loving her Aunt Susie and Uncle Laban011

It was so nice getting to spend time with Susie and Laban.  We love you!!!

Steve flew in Friday night, and we celebrated birthdays on Saturday.  We have four July birthdays:

Aunt Shannon016

Aunt Frances017


and MiMi039

On Sunday, we had breakfast with GiGi.043

It was a great weekend!  We birthday girls had a great time!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Today I had an ultrasound, and I would like to introduce the newest member of the Norton family.  Click here to see our baby.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Girl Bed!!

Today we took the front off of Claire’s crib and turned it into a daybed.  She is officially in a big girl bed!!

Say “goodbye” to the crib.001

Helping Daddy assemble the bed rail002

Climbing in to test it out003


It’s naptime.  Night-night.009