Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Other 218

Over the weekend, we took our kids to the botanical garden to take Easter pictures.  In the past, I’ve had a few people ask how I was able to get such a great picture of my kids.  The trick – a digital camera that allows me to take a ton of pictures.  I took 219 pictures on Sunday.  Of those, one of them will work.  Here’s a sampling of the other 218 and a look into my life as a mother of two young, cute, very active and very silly babies.041.2








Thankfully, after all was said and done, I did manage to get one good picture!  I love my babies!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

“It’s Rodeo Time!”

Yesterday Steve took the afternoon off, and we went to Rodeo!  We had so much fun!

My Rodeo Princess 25.2

Claire with a Texas Longhorn23


Claire, since learning about Miss Piggy from The Muppets, is in love with pigs.  She was so excited to get to see “piggies.”21

Baby Chicks20

We saw lots of animals, and Claire had a great time!  Cale slept through Rodeo.  We’re looking forward to going again next year!

Monday, March 12, 2012

“Ready or Not…”

Claire counting while playing hide and seek with her daddy

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Girl Bed!!

Today, after over a week of gathering stuff, we finally got Claire into her big girl bed!  The finished product:007


Excitedly climbing in012.2



Snuggling with Puppy – ready for night-night031

Claire loves her new bed!  I do too!

The store where we bought Claire’s mattresses today has monkeys.  When you make a purchase, you can hold one of them and get your picture taken with it.  Claire LOVED this!  I did too!  What a sweet little monkey!photo 12.2

photo 22.2

This monkey’s name was Thor.  He’s five-months-old.  He was SO sweet!  After holding him, “I want a monkey!” is now a frequent request from Claire.  For now, my reply has to be, “Honey, I wish I could!”  (Chuckles from the McComber Peanut Gallery!!)

For Claire’s Uncle Matt – here’s the info on the monkey:photo 3.2

I really think Uncle Matt should get one so that we can play with it!  Please?!?!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cale’s First Trip to the Zoo!

Last night we went to the Houston Zoo.  It was an unusually perfect weather day – 73 degrees and slightly overcast.  We took full advantage of it and took our kids to the Houston Zoo since there are so many days out of the year that it is simply too hot to go.  We met our friends, Micah, Kathy and Baby Micah.  We had a great time!021.2

Claire, of course, named the lions Simba and Nala and kept trying to get them to wake up.024.2

Cale and his daddy checking out the giraffes031.2


We all loved the giraffes!041.2

Claire loved the elephants, as always.009.2

Then Claire and Baby Micah rode the carousel.  Claire wanted to ride the tiger.  Micah wanted to ride everything and kept moving around from animal to animal.046.2

Baby Micah with his mommy, Kathy045

Claire didn’t waive, but she did yell out “Hi, Meecah!”  Meecah is what she has started calling Baby Micah’s daddy, Micah, Sr.

We saw several more animals and played on the playground.  We had a great time!

After the zoo, we went to dinner at Lupe Tortilla!  It was SO yummy!

Cale stayed awake the entire time we were at the zoo and almost made it through dinner without falling asleep.  He really had a great time, as did we all.