Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Trip to the Deep South

This past weekend we flew to Hilton Head Island, SC to attend my best friend’s wedding.

We spent Saturday in Savannah, GA taking an architectural walking tour of the historical district.  Of course, we didn’t really have time for a walking tour and it was raining off and on all day, so we took the tour in our rental car.  It was really nice driving around seeing the sights and jumping out when we wanted to take a picture.


After a quick nap for Claire, we headed to the wedding.  It was gorgeous and wonderful and sweet and lovely.056

Tim, Amy and Sophie with the Nortons

Dinner was de-lish!  We had BBQ pork, BBQ chicken, mac-n-cheese, greens and cheese biscuits.

There was dancing.

Claire loved meeting her “Aunt” Amy

Claire also loved meeting the Vanderslices’ dogs, especially June Pug062

We took a few pictures on the beach.087



Claire loved running down the dock101

Of course, her daddy kept having to chase her.  A baby running on a dock is just not safe.098

We Nortons had a great time in Hilton Head107

The bride and groom made their exit…

by boat.

Best Wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Foster!  We love you!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Forest Frolic

It’s funny the things that come to mind. I (Steve) had a dream this past winter about something I had done when I was a kid. It was the kind of dream that almost seemed surreal to the point that I wondered if I had actually ever done it or if it was simply of figment of my imagination.

We had an extra day in Washington today, so I decided to see if it was possible to find my old swimming hole.  ALAS!  It is real, and it’s still a popular hang out spot for all the neighborhood kids.  Grandpa came with us to take these pictures, and as we were making the one-mile-off-road trek he remarks that back here somewhere is where some of his relatives lived in the 30’s.  As we arrived at the spot he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The area I had dreamed about and played in when I was little was a structure he remembered from when he was a kid.  This was the spot where his relatives lived!  These water traps were built by them.

All very cool, but the best part as a kid was the deep water and platform diving block!  I spent every summer afternoon down here for five years when I was younger, and it hasn’t changed at all!



Claire making the trek with her Daddy!003




Claire testing the water – Oooh!  It’s cold!022031




This old logging bridge has a 5 ton limit, so we were good to go.062

Thanks, girls, for coming with me to take some pictures and for making my dream come true! 

And yes, although not planned, there was an impromptu swim as Amy’s sunglasses fell out of my pocket and right into the drink!  Sadly there are no pictures of my shirtless physique taking the plunge!

Doggies, Grandparents and the Park, Oh My!

Today we visited Grandpa LeRoy and Faye and their dog, Chocolate.  Chocolate is very tolerant of Claire, and she loves him.016



This afternoon we met Grandma Robin at Dairy Queen for ice cream and then headed over to the park to play.076





Steve playing on the zip line046





















Ready for night-nights after a very long and busy day.  She’s carrying around her new Minnie Mouse, a gift from Grandma Robin.108

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beach Party!!

This weekend we attended Steve’s family reunion in Ocean Park, WA.  We had a great time!!

picking up sea shells074

having fun081

wave jumping093

playing in the sand with Aunt Dawn and Aunt Kasey102

going clam digging (steamer clams)140

the clam bed160




heading back to get the clams ready for eating174

the clams bagged up and soaking in fresh water to “breathe” (breathe=clear out sand and dirt)306

enjoying the Kite Festival243.2

Claire LOVED the fish kites251

We loved the feeling of sand on our toes!288





hanging with Toni060

Claire fell on the gravel and got a boo-boo.  Poor baby!125

making tie-dye shirts124





Claire’s reunion prize – a duck puppet that quacks Old McDonald318

Cooking with Grandma (mac-n-cheese = yummy!)040

walking with Aunt Lori, Aunt Kasey and Aunt Dawn053

We had a great time at the reunion!  See you next year!