Sunday, February 9, 2014


At Claire’s request, we are putting this information on our blog in hopes of helping her and her friends reach their goal.

Claire and the other kids at our church are raising as much money as they can between now and March 9th to help kids who don’t get enough food to eat.

The money you give will buy food to make Weekend Packs that are sent home from school with kids who need food for the weekend.

To learn more about Weekend Packs and how EBC is supporting local schools and food shelves check out

Claire must turn in all monies by Sunday, March 9th.  Claire is really excited about this and really wants to help out the kids who need it.  If you can help, you would not only help the kids in our area go to bed with full tummies and the knowledge that we care about them, but you would be helping to teach my daughter about generosity and caring for those who don’t have all that we have.

Once all monies have been collected, the church will purchase food.  All four of us are going to help pack the Weekend Packs.  The goal of our church campus is to pack 7,000 Weekend Packs.  Please help us reach our goal.

If you need our address, please send me an email or comment on this post.  Thank you for helping out!