Tuesday, August 13, 2013


our newest “pets” – Francesca Eleanor Tallullah Flamingo and Fancy Fancy Eloise FlamingoIMG_7769

Claire has fallen in love with pink flamingos.  So when we found these little darlings on sale, we just had to have them! IMG_7758

When Cale saw me taking pictures of Claire with her new pets, he didn’t want to be left out.  He immediately ran over and screamed, “Cheese!”IMG_7772

My beautiful girlIMG_7766.2

Claire has started drawing pink flamingos.IMG_7753

When Claire and I were trying to decide on names for our flamingos, this is the face she made when she heard a name she liked.IMG_7755

Who knew plastic flamingos could be loved so much?IMG_7777

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We’re Here!

It has taken me almost a month to get settled in, but we unloaded the last box on Saturday.  I am so glad to be done with it all!  But I am even happier that we are all together again – under the same roof – every night.  My wonderful husband gets to play with our kids everyday and tuck his babies into bed every night.  How sweet it is!

We love Minneapolis so far!  The weather here is amazing!  We  have great shopping and entertainment.  There’s something new and exciting to do every weekend.

We found a church that all of us love.  Our pastor in Tulsa gave us a recommendation for a church in this area, and we are so glad that he did.  It feels like home!

We have great neighbors on both sides.  On one side, our neighbors have three kids, ages 5, 3 and almost 1.  Our kids love playing with them.  It’s nice to have friends right next door, and the kids run back and forth between our two houses and yards everyday.  Steve and I enjoy their parents’ company as well.  On the other side, our neighbors are grandparents with grandkids the ages of 7 and 9.  They really enjoy our kids too.

The kids love being here.  They have quickly and easily settled into our new house and have quickly made new friends.  They miss having MiMi and PopPop so close, and Claire misses Analise like crazy.  But they love seeing and doing new things and being with their daddy everyday.

Now for some pictures.

Claire saying goodbye to Allie and Analise the day before we loaded up and left Oklahoma (Oh how I love these girls!)the girls 3

We made a bit of a detour on our drive to Minneapolis and took the kids to the St. Louis Zoo.IMG_7325



My GirlIMG_7337

My BoyIMG_7336

We went to one of the lakes for the 4th of July.  We had a great time!IMG_7367

Claire watching the squirrels play in our front yard.IMG_7406

As a housewarming gift, Steve and I bought our kids a trampoline.  The neighbors were as excited as our kids were to get to jump on it.  Hope, Elijah, Claire and Cale love jumping together.IMG_7462

For my birthday we went to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. IMG_7534

Claire and her daddy with the flamingos (Claire’s latest favorite zoo animal – because they’re pink!)IMG_7535


Me and my girlIMG_7548

My girl in the conservatory (with a tiara – for all of you Clue fans!)IMG_7552

My wonderful hubby and meIMG_7561

Steve took off the whole week of my birthday, and we went somewhere different everyday, exploring our new city.  One of those places was Minnehaha Falls.IMG_7583

My boysIMG_7593

My Gorgeous Girly GirlIMG_7653

The Girls IMG_7665

My love and meIMG_7668

We also planted a garden.IMG_7671



We went to the library – Cale’s first library visit.IMG_7687

We are having a great time being a family, doing ordinary things like fixing dinner together and playing together and putting our kids to bed each night.  I am so glad that we made this move!

Pictures of the house and more info on the kids soon.