Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Beautiful Girl







We went to the park today to take some family pictures and some baby bump pictures.  You can check those out on Cale’s blog.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some of My Favorite Claire-isms

Claire is a chatterbox these days.  She talks almost non-stop and is very entertaining.  She’ll do anything for a laugh and then will repeat it a hundred times if you laugh just to keep you laughing.  What a girl!

Some of the funny words/phrases she uses:

“Pickle Dots” – translation polka dots  (We have no idea where she got pickle dots, but we LOVE it!)

“Eee Yelcome” – translation you’re welcome  (This must have something to do with raising her in Memphis and in Houston.  She’s got a crazy Southern way about her.)

“I are a princess” – Claire loves princesses these days, and she loves to dress up.  She loves necklaces and bracelets and tiaras.  Every time she puts on a dress, she twirls in it and says, “I are a princess.”  (We definitely agree.  She is the princess in our world!)

“Shimming” – translation swimming  (Claire’s favorite activity.  She’s a great swimmer and improves every time we head to the pool.)045.2

“Meal” – translation oatmeal  (Recently Claire has started requesting “meal” for breakfast.  Of course, it must have brown sugar and half-and-half in it!  She loves it!)

“Strawberry Comes Out!” – translation “I’m bleeding”  (Claire fell and skinned her knee.  When she realized it was bleeding, she exclaimed “Look, Daddy!  Strawberry comes out!”  We’re not sure where she got this, but it’s very cute.  And it stops the tears since it’s strawberry.)

Topics of Discussion:

“Monkey Eating Banana” – A few months ago, during Claire’s two-year-old check-up, her doctor needed to look into her ears.  To get her to hold still, the doctor told her that she had a monkey eating a banana in her ear.  Claire still tells everyone on a regular basis that she has monkeys in her ears that are eating bananas.  If you question her about it, she tells you that the doctor said so.

“Horsie Naughty on the Floor” - In June, we went to the stables with Aunt Shannon to watch her ride her horse.  While Shannon’s horse was in the stall to get brushed down, he went to the potty.  Almost every single day since, and often several times a day, at some point Claire will announce, “Horsie naughty on the floor.  Eww!  (while holding her nose)  Shannon cleaned it up.”032

Claire is so sweet and entertaining.  We’re having a blast being her parents!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

“Pedal! Pedal!”

For Claire’s second birthday, she received a pink tricycle.  She loves it!  She gets on it almost everyday and says, “Pedal, pedal.”  She puts her feet on the pedals and wants to be pushed.

But today my baby pedaled herself!!!  Check it out!  (At the end of the video she puts her feet down and does a celebratory dance.  Then she runs to her daddy for a big hug.)  What a big girl!!!  How fun!!!

I’m so proud of you, Claire!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

“Let’s Go To The Movies!”

Today we took Claire to the movie theater for the very first time!  We went to see The Lion King.  We had popcorn and root beer during the movie.  Claire LOVED it!!

I sneaked a picture on my iPhone.  (Well, as much as one can sneak a picture in the dark with the flash on the camera going off.)Claire at the movies

After the movie, we did a little shopping and then came home for dinner.  After dinner, we went to the park.  Claire’s favorite thing at the park is the swings.  Check out how high she goes.  The whole time she yells, “Higher, Daddy!”Claire at the park

What a fun day!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Few Pics from Tulsa and a New Train

I took these while in Tulsa and failed to get them posted.

Here’s PopPop with three of his girls. (All of whom think that PopPop belongs just to them.  It’s quite entertaining to watch them “fight” over him.  He, of course, adores the girls and the attention they give him.)  PopPop, Allie, Analise and Claire001

Here’s Claire, GiGi and Mommy007

Today, we got Daddy a new train to put around the Christmas tree this year.  Claire couldn’t wait to get home to play with the “choo-choo.”017

Claire thought Bear should go for a ride.021

Daddy and Claire playing with the choo-choo train!024

Bring on Christmas!

Update:  Cale is due in about 8 or 9 weeks.  (Babies come when babies are ready, so we can’t be more specific than that.)  He’s doing well.  He’s growing and kicking a lot.  I’m doing well.  I am much more tired with this pregnancy since I’m playing with Claire all day as well; but I have no swelling and no other complications or side effects other than some heartburn which seems to have subsided lately.  All is well, and we are just looking forward to meeting our little man.

Tomorrow we are taking Claire to her first movie in the theater – The Lion King!  We can’t wait!