Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well here we go

Yo Yo Yo -- Our first official POST!!

My name is Steven Norton -- and Amy is my wife. We have both had the most fascinating lives.

I go by Steve -- and am a pretty driven individual I currently work as an airline captain, own/run a vending company, and work as a subcontractor in several off-the-wall fields as needed. I have a hard time sitting still; I like to work and love to play.

Amy -- my beautiful bride -- was my blessing from OK. We were set up on a blind date by one of my coworkers while I was in college. We fell in love immediately and were married less than ten months later (that was in 2004). We have had the most fun, we love to travel, enjoy skiing (Amy is still kind of learning; it is VERY CUTE!!), we like just hanging out with friends.

We decided to start blogging because we REALLY enjoy reading other peoples blogs and keeping track of what going on in everyone's life. I have lived in OR, WA, UT, TX, Saudi Arabia, OK, and then back to TX (where I swore I would never return to) -- along the way I have met a ton of people and I like to keep them. Some of my best friends I met while touring in the Air Force. Anyway we are excited about sharing our lives with you -- please send a message, post a comment, we would love to hear from everyone!!

Thanks for stopping by and check back often.

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