Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Trip to the Deep South

This past weekend we flew to Hilton Head Island, SC to attend my best friend’s wedding.

We spent Saturday in Savannah, GA taking an architectural walking tour of the historical district.  Of course, we didn’t really have time for a walking tour and it was raining off and on all day, so we took the tour in our rental car.  It was really nice driving around seeing the sights and jumping out when we wanted to take a picture.


After a quick nap for Claire, we headed to the wedding.  It was gorgeous and wonderful and sweet and lovely.056

Tim, Amy and Sophie with the Nortons

Dinner was de-lish!  We had BBQ pork, BBQ chicken, mac-n-cheese, greens and cheese biscuits.

There was dancing.

Claire loved meeting her “Aunt” Amy

Claire also loved meeting the Vanderslices’ dogs, especially June Pug062

We took a few pictures on the beach.087



Claire loved running down the dock101

Of course, her daddy kept having to chase her.  A baby running on a dock is just not safe.098

We Nortons had a great time in Hilton Head107

The bride and groom made their exit…

by boat.

Best Wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Foster!  We love you!!


Matt & Randi McComber said...

I'm not so sure Randi would have been laughing so hysterically if that were Kenley....more like just been hysterical and called off the dogs. Glad Claire is not one of those annoying kids who's scared of dogs!

Happily Ever After said...

Claire LOVES dogs! She was laughing or I would not have been. Shortly after this video was taken, Claire grabbed onto June Pug; and they rolled around again. Too bad we missed getting that on video. Claire was squealing and laughing. It was too cute! I think June Pug surprised her by sneaking up behind her in this video. It was very funny!

Happily Ever After said...

It should probably also be noted that June Pug is only two months old and a very playful puppy.
It really was a lot of fun!