Monday, February 7, 2011

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

These were the exact words out of Claire’s mouth as she took her very first ride on the carousel today.  She LOVED it!120





Claire had the best time riding the carousel.  Her horse’s name was Mustang Sally.  According to the man who ran the carousel, “She’s our fastest horse.  Hold on tight, girls.  It’s going to be a great ride.”  And he was right – it was a GREAT ride!!

Steve is at 737 school.  He passed his oral exam today and started the simulator portion of his training.  He’ll have his check ride on Sunday, and then he’ll come home to us!!!

Claire and I are currently in Snowklahoma.  We arrived last Monday, and Claire was very happy to see MiMi and PopPop!067

We went to visit Uncle Adam, Aunt Shannon, Analise, Allie and their new puppy, Josie.  Claire loves Josie, and I think the feeling is mutual!071

We had a blizzard here that started last Monday night.  We got 15” of snow and wind gusts over 40 mph.  Temps were as low as –12.  I have no idea what the windchill was, but who really cares when the temps are that low?  It’s a real “snowmaggedon.”  Needless to say, we have been stuck indoors.  But it’s been fun.  The snow is beautiful.  We’re staying at MiMi and PopPop’s, so we’ve had a great time!  Claire and PopPop have been reading books…094

and playing dollhouse.092

We’ve been coloring…103

and wearing PopPop’s shoes.110

We’re having a fabulous time!087

Today the temps warmed up above freezing (35 is above freezing!), so we bundled up and ventured out to the mall.114

Claire wanted to wear my glasses to protect her eyes from the glare of the sun reflecting off of the snow.  She’s so Hollywood!116

We had a great day today!  MiMi, Claire and I found some great bargains!!  Claire got two outfits and a pair of shoes for less than $30!!  I got two pairs of jeans and two tops for $100!  MiMi and I also found some birthday gifts for Claire at The Disney Store.  We had a wonderful day!!

More snow falling tomorrow…

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