Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Party

We were in Tulsa last weekend to celebrate PopPop’s birthday, Claire’s birthday and Allie’s birthday.  (PopPop and Claire share the same birthday.  Allie was born the day after Claire’s first birthday.)  We had so much fun!

For lunch we had salad and pizza.  Yummy!  (Pictured: McKenzie, Reagan, Claire and Analise)025

Claire’s party

Waiting to open presents029


Getting good at opening presents038

So excited!043



Time for cake!143

She blew out the candle on the first try!!148

Mmm…  Good!151


Allie’s party



Allie’s favorite gift – a rocking horse083

What’s this?!115


I love this stuff!141

PopPop’s birthday

My daddy089

Analise and PopPop093

Claire gets in on the fun096

“Helping” PopPop104

Me and my daddy181

Party Goers

Christian (Shannon’s brother), Alicia (Shannon’s sister-in-law), GG, Barb (Shannon’s mom), PopPop, MiMi, Arnold (Shannon’s dad) and Nanny (Fran was there too, but she was sitting off to the side of Nanny; and I couldn’t get her into the picture.  Sorry, Fran.)079

GG, MiMi and Nanny179


Outdoor fun

Steve and Adam197

Analise, Claire, Steve, Josie and Jenny225

Allie riding her worm230

A great time was had by all!!

(There are more pictures of Claire on her blog

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Matt and Randi McComber said...


First, WHOA! Adam has a freaking beard?! Kind of awesome, I must say.

Second, I'm really sorry we weren't there. It really sucks being this far away.