Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Girl Bed!!

Today, after over a week of gathering stuff, we finally got Claire into her big girl bed!  The finished product:007


Excitedly climbing in012.2



Snuggling with Puppy – ready for night-night031

Claire loves her new bed!  I do too!

The store where we bought Claire’s mattresses today has monkeys.  When you make a purchase, you can hold one of them and get your picture taken with it.  Claire LOVED this!  I did too!  What a sweet little monkey!photo 12.2

photo 22.2

This monkey’s name was Thor.  He’s five-months-old.  He was SO sweet!  After holding him, “I want a monkey!” is now a frequent request from Claire.  For now, my reply has to be, “Honey, I wish I could!”  (Chuckles from the McComber Peanut Gallery!!)

For Claire’s Uncle Matt – here’s the info on the monkey:photo 3.2

I really think Uncle Matt should get one so that we can play with it!  Please?!?!


Anonymous said...

Chuckles indeed!
Maybe you can visit the monkey occassionally.
Love the bed...Adore the girl.

Matt and Randi McComber said...

I have begun setting bait traps laden with lizards, bird chicks, and invertebrates. As soon as I catch one of these, I'll let you know so you can book your travel to come visit George.