Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cappuccino Anyone?

Steve FINALLY got a new coffee pot!!!!

When we moved to Memphis, he sold our Cuisinart coffee maker that ground fresh beans for each pot of coffee and went to Walmart to purchase the cheapest pot they had.  This is what $9 will buy:001

(I took pictures of it while it was dirty because I wanted to add to the dramatic effect of how pathetic this thing is.)  You’ll note that the handle broke off a few months ago, but Steve kept right on using it.  002

You’ll note that the basket doesn’t fit really well.  At one point, he even used rubber bands to attempt to hold the basket in place.003 


But at last!  I managed to talk Steve into getting a new coffee pot.  This time he picked out exactly what he wanted.005


Cappuccino anyone?012

Savoring the deliciousness of it all!013

Apparently it makes good foam!014

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