Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grandparents, Aunts and Cousins! Oh my!

(and a couple of uncles as well!)

Last weekend we flew to Washington to spend some time with family.  It was a very fast trip for us.  We flew in Friday night after Steve got off of work and flew out Sunday around lunchtime.  Due to the short time frame of our visit, we didn’t get to see everyone this time.  But we had a great visit while we were there.

The Dolans are moving to Haiti to be the Directors of Widow and Orphan Care in Fond Des Negres, Haiti.  (You can find out more on their blog.)  The family had a going-away party for them (which was the primary reason for our visit).

Claire and Cale (along with Valerie Bunny and Roar) on the flight to PDXIMG_2580

The Osterholm FamilyIMG_2602

Aunt Nicole, Grandpa, Uncle Tom, Aunt Emily, Aunt Tamara, Grandma, Tyger, Aunt Kalei, Uncle John (Osterholm), Grandpa O, Grandma O, Daddy, Cale, Claire, Mommy, Addison, Aunt Jill, Lucas, Keegan, Katie, Caleb, Sarah and Ellie (You can barely see the back of Ellie’s pink shirt.)  Kalei’s boyfriend, Aaron, took the picture.

Aunt Emily, Claire, Ellie and LucasIMG_2588

Sarah and CaleIMG_2589

Aunt Nicole and Aunt KaleiIMG_2592.2

Lucas and Claire – Lucas spent a lot of time teaching Claire how to use his Nintendo DS.IMG_2596

Back at Granny’s house…

Cale showing Aunt Lori his phoneIMG_8765

Aunt Lori brought supplies to make cards.  Claire and her Aunt Kasey and Aunt Dawn spent a few hours making cards.IMG_8766



Cale fell in love with Gramps’ camera.IMG_8772

Gramps took us out to breakfast and bought Aunt Kasey and Claire hot chocolate.  Yummy!IMG_8783

After breakfast, we stopped by Gramps’ house, and Claire got to climb up into Gramps’ truck.IMG_2611

We told her to climb up and pull the string.  She was surprised at what happened!    

Cale and Aunt KaseyIMG_2625

Claire and GrandpaIMG_8788

Claire and GrannyIMG_2615

Cale and Grandpa IMG_2621

Flying homeIMG_2627

Back home in MinneapolisIMG_2631

It was a fast trip, but it was so much fun!

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