Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Our kids’ monkey costumes still fit, and they really wanted to wear them again.  So they wore their monkey costumes again this year.

Our first costume party this year was at Claire’s ballet class on Monday.  It was perfect since her monkey is a ballerina.IMG_9140


Then our kids received a surprise in the mail!!IMG_9145


Thank you, Miss Lori and Uncle Clay!  What a wonderful surprise!  We love you!!

About half an hour after we put the kids to bed on Wednesday, Claire came creeping down the stairs and announced, “I’ve been thinking!  We’ve never had Halloween pancakes before.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Don’t you think we should have Halloween pancakes for breakfast?”  We giggled and promptly sent her back to bed.  The next morning, her daddy got up early and made “Halloween pancakes” before he went to work.IMG_9154

Thank you, Daddy!

After Daddy got home from work, we went to Mall of America for the “World’s Largest Indoor Trick or Treat.”  So much fun!  Our kids got some great stuff, including flashlights, pencils, stickers, toys, hats and candy (the good stuff!!).  We had a lot of fun!

Cale LOVES his monkey costume.  Showing off!

My MonkeysIMG_9160

Loaded up and ready to go!IMG_9179

Trick or TreatingIMG_9180

Photo op with the Rainforest Cafe frog (Cale did not like the frog!)IMG_9182



He really wanted a sucker!IMG_9191

My girl with the Peeps PeepIMG_9197

What a fun night!IMG_9201

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