Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thats our favorite

I know that everyone has been on pins and needles wondering how the carpet fiasco worked out.


They did a wonderful job, I knew I was in good hands as soon as they told me they would move the furniture for me. Then when they tied up the drapes I was confident I made the right decision.

Enough about that, as Amy has so diligently posted we had a wonderful time on our vacation, her parents are in town now and we are spending time with them, showing them the sights etc.

Yesterday we went to G. H. W. Bush's Library and Museum, it was a wonderful time full of enlightening facts.

On Friday we are going to Sea World, so that should surely offer some fantastic opportunities for pictures which we will no doubt share with you, our valued readers.

So this is for the guys, the Queen Mary was SO COOL, they let commoners like me and my willing bride crawl all over that thing, we could even get down in the engine room, it was amazing, here are some of my favorite pictures.

Of course the Bridge, AKA Wheel house -- its interesting to note that as old as the technology looks, the ship was in operation until the 60's

These things I cannot remember what they are called, but they are used to send the signal to an identical unit in the lower control rooms of the ship, they are everywhere. You see them used in the movies for engine control, but this one was in the radio room, they are at the anchor stations, and the docking stations, very fascinating.

I love how this one at the anchor station says "HEAVE IN"

This ship was built in the 30's using old technology (interestingly by the same company that built the Titanic, in fact they are of the same class). Anyway this is the longest corridor in the ship and it is not possible to see the other end from where we are standing because it is curved downward toward the middle of the ship.

Here I am in the bottom of the ship at the boiler control panels

The Teak wood decking is original, and has held up pretty well, the anchor chain is what we are looking at.

Now this is when ships were ships, whats a leisurely cruise without a 50 Caliber machine gun on the promenade deck.

This was the boat Amy and I were on for our trip, I went jogging everyday on their jogging track, talk about tricky in the choppy seas.

And finally the adventures in Mexico
Amy found some new glasses

And I found a wonderful doll for a very deserving niece.

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Shannon said...

I bet I know who the deserving niece is....I won't show her the pic!!!