Monday, June 16, 2008


We are quite behind on our posting. Since the last post we have been to Oregon, LA, Catalina Island, Mexico and Oklahoma. We are finally home again.

Since we've been back home, Steve has had some additional carpet cleaning adventures. (I'm just thrilled that it's finally clean!) He'll have to post about that. And we've been working on our house. In the last week, we painted our master bedroom and bought two new dressers and a new plasma TV for our room. We finally have "grown up" furniture, and it looks great!

Pictures of the house and the improvements thereof will have to follow in another post. This post is about travelin'. Without further ado - here it is:

Steven's sister tied the knot! Captain Reverend Steven L. Norton performed the ceremony. He did a wonderful job! I am so proud to be his wife!

The wedding location (WOW!):
The ceremony (from left to right - Nicole (Steve's sister and maid-of-honor), Rev. Steven, Kalei (Steve's sister and the bride) and Jason (the groom):
My favorite part of the wedding was getting to spend time with some of my favorite people. Me and the girls - Sarah and Katie.
Me and Keegan
Me and Luqus (who is always on the move - resulting in wonderfully blurry pictures)
Wedding VIP's:
Steve's parents Steve's grandparents The happy coupleThe morning after the wedding, Steven and I left our hotel room at 2:30 a.m. to catch a plane to LA. While in LA, we toured the Queen Mary which is permanently docked in Long Beach and is now a hotel.
Our cruise set sail around 4:30 p.m. on Monday. It should be noted that you can feel the waves much more on the West Coast than on the East Coast. We didn't get sea sick, but apparently several people did. (And yes, this is a picture of our boat that we took. The boat could not dock in Catalina, so this picture is taken from the island of our boat anchored in the middle of the ocean. Very clever, no?)
Our first port was Catalina Island. It's quaint and quiet and beautiful. We enjoyed it.
We rented a golf cart to tour the island. Here we are in our "Catalina Limo." :) The beach on Catalina: And yes, that would be my darling husband wearing tennis shoes to the beach. :)

Our next stop was Ensenada, Mexico. Not much to see or do, but we enjoyed some Starbucks and walked around for a while.

Our last day on the ship was a day at sea. It was nice and relaxing. The weather was perfect, so we spent quite a bit of time just laying around on the deck. I took no pictures of that; so for your entertainment, I will show you pictures of our towel animals left by our room steward each evening.

And my personal favorite - the dog:We got home around 6:00 p.m., dropped off our bags and headed back to the airport to catch a 9:00 p.m. flight to see my parents and pick up Maggie.

We are now back at home and are planning our next cruise. :) I think we may take a Mediterranean cruise next year!!

Steve has much to post about riding the scooter, dealing with shady carpet cleaners, etc. Stay tuned.

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Jill said...

Amy and Steven,
Katie, Sarah, Keegan and Luqus really miss you. We all wish we could have spent more time with you. Thanks for splashing in the pool and playing in the hot tub with Luqus for an extended amount of time.
The cruise sounds like fun! Pretty cool that we got to go to that same Starbucks in Mexico with you in December. We will have to go on another trip to Mexico with both of you.
Miss you like crazy, hugs and kisses!! tikitiboo(?)
Love, the Dolan Family