Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun Times

So Amy and I drove to Tulsa this week -- she was having a baby shower and felt that her plunder may have exceeded the carrying capacity of two checked bags not to exceed 50 LBS. So it was, we hit the road last Friday and made it in exactly eight hours with all necessary stops included. Not too shabby.

So this guy comes up to me in the hotel and says 'Do you have a smoke?' to which I reply -- 'No, sorry dude.' The gentlemen exclaims and then goes on his way -- a little latter I see him at the convenience store, (by the way why does Sam's Club call them C-Stores? are the really that lazy in the marketing department?) he is asking the clerk if they sell cigarettes by the single -- like the individual cigarette!! Very funny indeed.

Speaking of Tulsa they are leading the way in aviation security -- they now have a machine that literally undresses you. Yes some little pervert in the next room can see under your clothes to ensure you are transporting no contraband onto your next flight. They say the faces are blocked from view, but seriously -- has it really come to this?

And finally speaking of flying -- Louisiana residents are enough to exhaust me. The configuration of the airplanes we fly out of Houston have the, shall we say loo, in the front right against the flight deck. The airplanes we fly out of DC have the loo in the back (which is better because all the air from the airplane exits the rear of the airplane), for some reason Continental wants the crapper right up front. WITHOUT FAIL if I am operating a flight out of or into Louisiana someone will go into the loo, seatbelt sign or no seatbelt sign, and just DESTROY IT! -- I mean tear it up, put it out of service, do some damage... you get the picture. I won't take this story to the next level by sharing the details of what one of our flight attendants had to do when one such 'deposit' wouldn't flush. But seriously, no where else do people flock to the loo like LA residents. I should like for the state legislature to propose a law requiring the schools in LA to teach bathroom etiquette, which should specifically recommend against waiting to go #2 until in a small confined airplane.

I'm in Waco at the moment, you faithful readers know that means tonight is Ninfa's night!!! oh boy!!

talk at ya soon.


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Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

random info:
Autumn was born at this point of your pregnancy, 29 weeks. She is a miracle and has overcome so much more than any baby ever should have to.
We can't wait to see Claire, but not until week 40.
Love you guys!!!