Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catch Up

I'm stuck in Houston waiting for the weather to pass so I can be on my way to my pit stop for this leg of the race. I thought what better time to offer up my (what is becoming) monthly blog post. Sorry about that, I'll try to do better.

Last night Amy was reading when I fell asleep, according to her when she was ready to go to sleep she leaned over to kiss me only to see me freak out. Allegedly I instantly complained that I was too hot and needed my space. The allegation also states I removed myself from the bed and laid on the floor again citing temperature issues. I can neither confirm or deny that any of this is true. But its funny either way, after she mentioned it I do vaguely remember laying on the floor for a brief period of time, you will have to ask her for more details.

We are getting excited only seven weeks left until the stork arrives at the Norton household! I believe we have checked all the boxes, read all the books, bought all the STUFF and painted everything pink that requires painting. In the interest of being prepared I considered drafting Claires daily schedule in Outlook, but we decided that could probably wait until we get some input from her.

We were suppose to have our final baby shower this last weekend in Washington. Sadly we overlooked Spring Break when scheduling this shower, and didn't realized until it was too late that getting home within a reasonable amount of time was a literal impossibility. So we had to put our visit on indefinite hold. Instead it has been decided that we will hold a virtual shower. I've never done this before but it sounds interesting -- people will send us gifts and we will open them via video conference the next time the family is together.

I hope you have a great day, we shall chat later...

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