Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Busy!

So I get home from two grueling HOT days of work last night at about 7:57PM, which incidentally was a feat in itself as my airplane wasn't due to land until 8:00PM; oh yes I did pull some strings, and buy the gate manager a Monster Energy drink for a PRIMO parking spot. Anyway I notice my yard was a bit out of control. Due to the lack of rain here in Houston for the past couple of months I've been watering like crazy, the latest sprinkler setting has the back yard on for an hour and the front for 45 minutes.

All this watering coupled with the small rain storm we had last week evidently gave our lawn the boost that it needed, because it was a bit out of control. The fact that it needed to be mowed was a touch more aggravated by the fact that my edger/weed whacker is broken (the little pull cord broke). So I do what any red-blooded American would and borrow the neighbors for an instant mowing.

I quickly change my clothes as 'daylight's burnin,' and immediately start with my neighbors line trimmer. A little history: My neighbor and I don't exactly agree on HOW to mow a lawn. He likes his about 5 inches tall, I'm more of a 2 inches tall kind a' guy. While he insists I'm burning the roots, I insist that it looks better. All this to say I was prohibited from mowing the side of our house where our lawns meet about two years ago. So now here I am using his trimmer, and I can see him eye-balling me; this soon turns into an excursion on his part to my side of the driveway.

He explains that he is going to show me how a 'real man' edges his lawn! I learned a long time ago to always take advantage of learning opportunities, so I patiently watch, and quickly realize his way takes FOREVER, but none the less I'm watching intently. After his fourth pass down the same edge I reach to take the edger back, and he insists on finishing is so it 'looks like his'. Remembering that 'daylight's burnin' I decide to get my mower and start mowing, as my neighbor seems to have the edging under control.

I do hope this didn't offend him, shortly after I started mowing he turned off the line trimmer and set it back down on my driveway. I will admit that the edge he manicured does look a lot like his, except of course my grass is considerably shorter. I think I'll take my machine to the shop today, and have a new edging blade installed while I'm at it.

More company arriving tomorrow, my wonderful Aunt Lori will be here for a week, getting a sneak peak at her Great-Niece. We have lots of fun time in store, including a visit to San Marcos, a mecca of outlet shopping.

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