Monday, September 27, 2010

Life Is Good!!

We finally found a church we like in Memphis!  And it’s finally fall!  After living in Houston for five years, I am so excited to live in a city with four seasons again.  Fall is wonderful!

These pictures were taken after church yesterday.009


Claire’s daddy bought her a new ball yesterday.  She loves it!004

Yesterday afternoon we visited the park.  Claire learned to climb the steps and slide down the slide all by herself.  (And yes, that’s us laughing as she goosed the little boy in the beginning of the video.  Poor kid.  He never saw it coming.  It should be noted that she was just trying to get him to move off of “her” step.)

Claire also has another talent that her daddy taught her.  She blows her nose.  Anytime she can get her hands on a napkin or tissue, she blows – just like her daddy.

Claire is talking a lot these days.  Her new word this evening was “pizza.”  It was homemade, and it was yummy!

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