Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa Land!

We flew into NYC on Sunday to take Claire to meet the REAL Santa at Macy’s in Herald Square.  Their Santa Land is AMAZING!!!  The line was not nearly as bad as we anticipated.  It winds around into the back parts of the store, through the human resources area and private areas intended for employees only.  Then you enter the much-anticipated Santa Land.  It begins with a train ride.  You climb aboard a fabulous train that actually rumbles under your feet so that it feels like you’re riding the rail.  Then you arrive at the North Pole.  It’s beautiful!  There’s lots of snow and beautiful trees.  There are dancing bears and bears who play instruments.  There are presents galore.  And then you enter Santa Land.  It’s truly magical as you are greeted by an elf who ushers you into Santa’s cabin.   Santa takes his time and talks with you.  You can take as many pictures with him as you want.  He said that Claire had been a very good girl this year and that he will leave her lots of wonderful surprises on Christmas morning!  Here are some pics and a video.

the beginning of the line – note the elf to my left – the elves are everywhere along the line and are very nice and welcoming002

the line003

the carolers who sang Christmas songs while we waited in line008.2

Claire twirling in line – so excited!

Claire ringing the train’s bell as we climbed aboard012

Claire feeling the train rumble under her feet015

Claire running through Santa Land – so excited!!017





meeting the elf who would take us to Santa032



(We each received one of the Santa Land buttons that the elf is wearing on her hat.)


the PERFECT Christmas card picture043.2

me and my love in Rockefeller Center048

our baby in Rockefeller Center049

all ready for bed in her Christmas jammies after a full day in the City067

It was a perfect day!  What a wonderful memory we made!!


Anonymous said...

What great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Dad and I are loving watching our children enjoy their children! So much fun and such a blessing!
PopPop and MiMi