Friday, December 24, 2010

Time Travel

I am so far behind in my posting.  This post will have a little bit of everything.  Enjoy!

Thanksgiving dinner (Claire was napping and missed dinner and the picture.)036

And here’s my gorgeous niece, Analise – I love this girl!!021

Analise and Claire love VeggieTales.  Here they are dancing to The Bellybutton Song.  Too cute!!007

Grandma and Adam celebrated their birthdays together.  Gram is 86.  Adam is 37.008

Happy 86th, Gram!011

the girls watching a movie together041

We leased our house in Houston and made our move to Memphis more permanent.  This meant packing everything we decided to keep, selling the rest (and majority of what we owned) and driving to Memphis where we unpacked it all and decorated our apartment.  Pictures of our newly-decorated apartment will follow in a future post.

We took Claire to NYC to see Santa at Macy’s in Herald Square.  It was amazing!  (See previous post for more pics.)043.2

We’ve been celebrating Christmas this week with presents from Grandma Robin and Grandpa D’Wayne and presents from Aunt Jill, Uncle Ryan and the seven Dolan children.  Pictures will follow in a future post.

We also celebrated Christmas with our roommate, Matt, this week.  Claire got several presents, including a stuffed dog from Matt and her stocking.052


Claire was very excited about her new camera.055

Matt and Steve got “Southwest” gloves.  (Apparently these are very handy when checking airplane wheel wells.)065

Everyone really enjoyed their gifts, but I’m sure that my gift was the best.  Steve got me a new iPhone 4.  I’m loving it!

Claire in her Christmas dress just before church on Sunday047

Wednesday afternoon we headed to Tulsa to celebrate Christmas with the McCombers.  We are having so much fun!!  Posts to follow later this week.

Merry Christmas to all!

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