Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spelunking, Hiking, Sliding and Frolicking

Today was a busy day!  We started off exploring Historic St. Charles.  This place is amazing!  It still has the cobblestone streets and all of the old houses and buildings.  It’s beautiful!  It’s also famous for being the home place of Daniel Boone, the beginning of the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail and for being a stop-off in the Lewis and Clark expedition.  It’s a pretty neat place.001

Claire with the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and Seaman statue in Frontier Park.026

We didn’t take a lot of pictures of St. Charles, but we may go back tomorrow to tour the first capital.  It’s a really neat looking building.  We’ll be sure to take some pictures if we go back.

Next stop – Graham Cave State Park.  As soon as we arrived, Claire spotted the playground and started hollering to “slide! – slide! – slide!”  We indulged her, of course!031



Claire’s new sliding technique involves laying down flat on the slide.132


Claire’s daddy climbed on top of the monkey bars to teach her how to use them.074


My monkeys!137

Off for some hiking.  My beautiful family!043


Our girl063




Spelunking (cave exploring)088


Do you see Steve and Claire?098

They’re on top of the cave.101




What a fun day!  We are now very tired and are going to get some rest.


MiMi and PopPop said...

WOW! Fantastic pictures! Wish I could have been in on some of that, especially the spelunking...not!
You guys really have a knack for having fun. Publish a book on traveling with toddlers or something.

Matt and Randi McComber said...

Great monkey bar pic.