Friday, April 1, 2011

Duds ‘n Suds

Since we are living in a hotel for two weeks, one without a laundry room or laundry service, Steve sent me to the laundromat today to wash clothes.  (I am fully aware that it is April Fools’ Day; however, I am not joking about this one.)  My mother was quite appalled.  This was my first laundromat experience, as well as Claire’s.

Here’s a picture of the place – just to the left of the Subway.  (The downfall to the outside was the Indian restaurant just down the strip to the right.  For those of you who love Indian food, don’t get offended.  I’ve eaten lots of Indian food and liked some of it; however, I don’t think it quite agreed with my pregnant sense of smell.  It just smelled so strongly for so early in the morning.)photo

Inside it wasn’t so bad. IMG_0278Claire loved pushing the basket around.  Fortunately, when we arrived there weren’t too many people there; so she had a great time. IMG_0273 


All in all, it wasn’t so bad.  The place looked just like I expected to, only maybe a little cleaner.  There were vending machines, a bar, [Steve here – As I was reading this wonderful post Amy put together, I realized she didn’t mention that there was an actual bar at this washing wonderland.  Yes, a bar.  One could get a martini, a draft or a Long Island Iced Tea all while Tide and a few quarters are getting their stain fighting power on.  I’ve had my laugh for the day.  Thank you, Sweetie, for doing our laundry today!] a video poker machine, a few arcade games, couches around a TV in the back corner, tables and chairs where people read books while waiting for their clothes to get clean.  It was pretty much exactly like what you see on TV, except the people were friendly and not at all scary.  In just a short hour and a half, for less than $10 (not counting the cost of detergent, bleach and dryer sheets), Claire and I did three loads of clothes.  Not too shabby.

P.S.  After Steve added his commentary, I find it important to point out that no one was drinking alcoholic beverages while we were there this morning.  I think perhaps it might be “the place be” when the “Cards” are playing as the place is quite decked out with St. Louis Cardinals paraphernalia.  At which point, I’m sure the game is on, the bar is open and the machines are spinning – much like "Cheers” with the addition of coin-operated washing machines and dryers.

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Ann said...

Wow! It looks like a really nice laudromat. We used to use one every week early in our married years, but I must admit that none of ours ever had a bar! Neither did we have video poker or arcade games -- or even couches! And yours looks very clean and inviting. I would haul in a week's worth of laundry (carried down from our upstairs apartment), including a wonderful week's worth of dirty cloth diapers, and would occupy myself and two children under two until we had everything done. Fun times! :)