Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Don't Get Out Much These Days

I can't remember the last time I blogged for the fun of it - but I found something today that I couldn't pass up. Our dear friend Don Lapre is being charged in a Federal Court on a number of counts essentially accusing him of being a fraud. He has taken in nearly 52 million dollars in the last few years as a result of his 'Greatest Vitamin in the World Scheme,' and the Feds aren't happy.

You'll recall from a post several years ago I was also a vicitm in the 90s of one of Mr. Lapre's little scams - I was just sure I too could hit it big using his simple program of 'Tiny Classified Ads.' The sad part was once I received the box of crap I bought I relaized actual work was involved and quickly lost interest.

An even better story comes out of the great State of Florida. A couple paid cash for a home that had been forclosed on by the evil Bank of America. After finally getting settled in the Sherrifs office showed up one day to advise them they were being evicted from their home due to a forclosure.

Attempts to reason with BOA and even try to show the local nit wits at the Bank a copy of the their deed, canceled check and title insurance went no where. The couple's laywer eventually got a judge to rule in the couples favor certifying that the Bank indeed made an error and in fact owed the couple $2500 in legal fees.

Of course Bank of America scoffed at the idea that they made an error and refused to pay. Left with no choice the ever so eagar lawyer got himself a seizure of assets order and showed up to a local Bank of America branch with a moving van, a crew of guys to help and several hand carts. With great flare and drama they burst into the local branch and inform the local Manager of their intent to sieze items like phones, chairs and desks in an effort to make the couple whole.

It took one hour for a check reimbursing all expenses and a letter of appology to be presented to the couple - I love this story, I'm not a big fan of big banks but in my opinion Bank of America is the worst - finally a score for the little guy.

My wee one is stiring - I gotta go!

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