Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jernigan Reunion

This past weekend we attended the Jernigan Family Reunion at my uncle and aunt’s ranch in Stone Bluff, OK.063

The Jernigans (Uncle Doug, Uncle Duie, Grandma and Aunt LaVerne) – These are four of the six Jernigan children.  Aunt Vi was unable to attend this time.055

Some of my favorite people:

Chris, Tim, Laura and Nathan (Uncle Duie’s grandchildren)017

Lana and Gary (Aunt Vi’s daughter and son-in-law)022

Mildred Jernigan McComber’s family – Steve, Amy, Matt, Linda (MiMi), Doyce (PopPop), Aunt Cheryl, Becky, Jon, Shannon, Randi, Kenley, GiGi (Mildred), Allie, Angie, David, Claire, Analise, Evan and Keaton (Adam had to work and didn’t come until later in the day.  Bobby, Kari and Marq were unable to attend.)035

Doye, a Major in the US Army and one of my favorite cousins, taught me how to shoot!!!070

Here I am firing off a 9mm.072

Then we pulled out the big guns.  I shot an AR-15!!  I’m totally awesome!083

Claire and her daddy took a paddle boat ride on the pond.095


On Sunday morning, we had church outdoors by the pond.

Claire folding her hands during the prayer001



Aunt LaVerne and Grandma007

My daddy praying over our family (He is the oldest grandson.)006

Our reunion was a three-day event, beginning Friday afternoon and lasting until Sunday afternoon.  We had a lot of events.  I spent most of my time enjoying my cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces, parents, grandma, husband and daughter.  As a result, I didn’t take very many pictures.  It was a great event, and I loved spending time with my wonderful family.  I can’t wait until we get together again!

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