Tuesday, August 23, 2011

“Livin’ On Tulsa Time”

Steve has been in St. Louis for the past two weeks completing his Q400 training.  He successfully passed his check ride on Saturday and is now a Q pilot!!!  I am so very proud of him!!

This week Steve is completing his IOE, so Claire and I have been in Tulsa for almost three weeks.  We’ve had a great time, but we are really missing Steve.

Uncle Doug (GiGi’s brother), Aunt Marilyn and Lynette came to visit.  We met them and Uncle Duie (another of GiGi’s brothers) for lunch and then went by to see GiGi.

Uncle Duie, Uncle Doug, Claire, GiGi and PopPop007

Aunt Marilyn and Claire putting together a puzzle.  Playing with Aunt Marilyn is so much fun!!!014

MiMi and I took Claire to Reasor’s.  She got to drive the grocery car!  She was so serious and so cute!010

Claire and Analise had a pajama party at PopPop and MiMi’s house.  We had McDonald’s Happy Meals and ice cream.  We painted finger nails and toe nails.  We had a tea party.  We brushed each other’s hair and watched movies.  It was a great party!

Claire brushing Analise’s hair during the movie – I LOVE my girls!  They are so sweet!018

On another night, we took the girls to Incredible Pizza.  They had so much fun!  We did too!

Claire and Analise loved driving the car.  They rode this ride the most.044

They also liked riding “the horsies.”047

This ride was great!  The girls watched the screen, and their seat moved according to what was on the screen.050

Enjoying a roller coaster (Aunt Shannon was having fun too!)054

We also enjoyed some mini bowling.  The girls had a blast!

Steve and Aunt Shannon showing Claire and Analise how to bowl while Allie looks on.060

Claire showing off her pro-bowling skills064

We’ve had a great time in Tulsa!  Steve is flying in tomorrow night and will overnight here.  We’ll fly out with him on Thursday.  (How exciting that he’ll actually be the pilot of our plane!)  Can’t wait to see him!

Pregnancy update:  I am now in my third trimester.  Cale kicks a lot and is growing.  I’ve done a lot of shopping for him while in Tulsa.  (Since we live in a tropical climate, we can wear “summer” clothes year round.  All of the summer clothes are on clearance right now, so I’ve been able to buy Cale a full wardrobe for his first year of life without spending too much money.)  It’s been a lot of fun preparing for his arrival!

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