Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Baby Daddy

I failed to blog about Father’s Day this year, mostly because I was waiting to show you Steve’s Father’s Day present, which we didn’t buy until this past weekend.

I knew what we wanted to get Steve, but he’s so picky about some of his gadgets (as most men are) that I wanted him to go with me to pick it up.  Turns out that it wasn’t that easy to just go pick up.  We searched for months and finally found the right one this past weekend.

Here’s my wonderful Baby Daddy making use of his Father’s Day present:011

When we moved to Memphis last year, we left our grill behind for our renters to use.  (We didn’t really have a place to keep it at our apartment.)  We have really missed grilling.  So this year, I decided to buy Steve a small, portable grill.  Steve wanted one that would last (This one is stainless steel.) and one that could be built into an outdoor kitchen once we eventually move back to our house or get a new house.  We finally found the perfect grill!

Happy Father’s Day, Steven!  You are an amazing husband and father.  Our babies are so blessed to have you as their daddy.  I love how fun and sweet you are with Claire.  I love hearing her laugh when she’s playing with you.  I love that you’re willing to “eat” what she “cooks” in her little kitchen and that you’re willing to love on her babies and play anything she wants to play.  I love that you “nuggle” her and comfort her.  I love that you’re a “hands-on” dad, helping me with every aspect of parenting - from bathing to changing diapers to playing to disciplining to feeding, etc.  You are the best daddy,and I love being the mommy to your babies.  I’m really excited that we’ll soon have a boy to play with too.

I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day and that you enjoy your grill.  I know that Claire, Cale and I will certainly enjoy the delicacies that you prepare on it!

I love you more than anything, Steven Lee Norton!  I love sharing my life with you.  I’m so glad you married me, and I love having babies with you!  Happy Father’s Day!

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