Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

We Nortons are finally returning to the land of the living.  We were all sick over Christmas – except for Cale.  As a family we had everything from pneumonia to RSV to sinus infections to a stomach virus.  It was a rough holiday season; but thankfully everyone is now better.  We didn’t feel like partying too much and didn’t take a ton of pictures; but we have a few.

The weekend before Christmas, Steve, Claire and I went to Rhema to walk through the Christmas lights.

Claire riding on her daddy’s shouldersIMG_4830

Me and my love in the tunnel of lightsIMG_4832

Claire with the gingerbread girl and boy and the gingerbread houseIMG_4838

Claire taking pictures with her iPhoneIMG_4840


Claire playing in the lightsIMG_4857

Light picturesIMG_4859




My lovesIMG_4871

Christmas Eve - The Cousins – Maren (in the swing), Claire, Kenley, Cale, Allie and Analise002.2



My boyphoto(155)

Cale opening a present019

Cale on his new tractor from Uncle and Aunt Shannonphoto(156)

Kenley and Claire having a snackphoto(157)

Claire in her new tutu from Uncle Matt and Aunt Randiphoto(158)

Cale riding his new rockin’ puppy from PopPop and MiMi - surfer style  (He has since mastered getting on and off and riding it like a bucking bronco.)photo(159)

Riding Analise’s new scooterIMG_4905

PopPop reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmasphoto(160)

Putting out cookies for SantaIMG_4910


Santa visited the Norton babies!  Claire got a dollhouse for her Barbies, a princess Barbie and monkey ballerina footed jammies.  Cale got the Wheelies airport and monkey footed jammies.  And Santa brought MegaBlocks for the kids to share.  Thank you, Santa!023

Claire playing with her new dollhouseIMG_4936

The kids in their new jammiesIMG_4944

Both kids got new toothbrushes in their stockings.  Brushing their teeth before bedtimeIMG_4953


Even though we didn’t feel 100%, we had a wonderful Christmas and really enjoyed our time together.

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