Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Weekend

Our life has been crazy since Christmas.  Steve has been in CRJ training and passed his check ride on Thursday!!!  Way to go, Captain Norton!!  So proud of you!IMG_5030.3

Cale has been trying out his climbing skills.  He can climb on every piece of furniture I have.  What a silly boy!IMG_5045.2


My babies watching a movie togetherIMG_5064.2

We had a warmer day, so we took advantage of it and went to the park.  Claire is doing great riding her bike.IMG_5127.2

My kids love playing together.  Claire is such a sweet big sister.IMG_5080

Cale has mastered climbing the stairs to get to the slide.  He always goes down head-first.IMG_5088


He kept climbing up and sliding down over and over.IMG_5100

After sliding a few dozen times, we moved to the swings.IMG_5113


Both kids got haircuts.  It was Cale’s first, and Claire got hers cut short.IMG_5149

Cale’s blog has more pictures of his cut.IMG_5150

Claire started working on her valentines.  She took a lot of time carefully choosing each person’s valentine and the stickers she put on them.  Then she colored each of them.  What a sweetheart!IMG_5192

Life is good!!!

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