Monday, January 20, 2014

Walt Disney World & Disney Cruise Aboard the Disney Magic – Part 1

We just got home from the BEST VACATION EVER!!  We spent nine days at Disney with Steve’s mom and D’Wayne, a/k/a Grandma and Grandpa.

We took over 1,000 pictures and videos, so it’s taking me a while to sort through them and get them posted.  And it’s too many to put on one blog post.  So here’s part one of our fabulous vacation!

We flew in on Thursday and ate lunch and shopped at the airport.

Claire’s face said it all – we were SO EXCITED to be there!!IMG_1967


Claire picking out charms for her Disney charm braceletIMG_3593

Cale spotted Mickey Mouse while Claire and Mommy were shopping…IMG_3598

And took off running…IMG_3599

To give Mickey a hug!IMG_3602

Then we went to get our rental car and drove to our hotel.IMG_3609

Steve brought in Flippers pizza for dinner.  After the kids went to bed, he drove to the airport to pick up his parents.  They came in to kiss the kids, but the kids didn’t remember that the next morning.

On Friday morning, my kids were surprised and excited to see Grandma and Grandpa at breakfast!  We ate breakfast at the hotel and then opened and closed Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  What an amazing day!IMG_3617

And we’re off!  (Turns out that wagons are not permitted on Disney property – unless Disney provides them, which they do on Castaway Cay.)  We ended up pushing our wagon rather than pulling it.  Steve spent the day arguing that it was a stroller since we were able to push it.  No one kicked us out.IMG_1978

Claire joined Animal Kingdom’s Wilderness Explorers and earned quite a few badges before deciding that she was tired of it all.IMG_1981

Claire’s flamingos (and her first WE badge)IMG_1983

Earning her insect badgeIMG_1988

Grandpa and Grandma wearing their “bug eyes” (3D glasses) just before the “It’s Tough To Be A Bug” showIMG_1990

My babies playing the Muziki Drums, and Claire earning her music WE badgeIMG_1997

Then we rode off on a tour of Kilimanjaro SafarisIMG_2005

We saw sun-bathing hippos.IMG_2013

And crocodilesIMG_2020

And the cutest and sweetest little boy EVERIMG_2029

And giraffesIMG_2042

And Ankole cattleIMG_2040

And wildebeestsIMG_2052

And flamingosIMG_2061

And white rhinosIMG_2066

And zebras!  And so much more!  Oh my!IMG_2073

DinoLand USAIMG_3649


TriceraTop SpinIMG_2083


The top of Expedition Everest – our favorite ride!!  We all rode it three times!IMG_3650

After we rode Kali River Rapids and got thoroughly soaked, we went to get our pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie.  We look like drowned rats, but we were having so much fun that we just didn’t care.IMG_2109.2


Cale loved hugging Mickey!  In fact, his daddy had to pry him off so that we could take a picture.IMG_2115

Then we all got in the picture.IMG_2136

Afterward we met Pocahontas on the Discovery Island Trail.IMG_2148.2


Cale wasn’t about to miss out on a hug from a real princess!IMG_2171.2

What a fabulous day!IMG_2178

On Saturday we went shopping.  We started at Walmart – which has a huge Disney section.  Then we went to Downtown Disney.

Claire and CinderellaIMG_2182

Claire and AuroraIMG_2185

Cale and Steve outside T-RexIMG_2191

Claire and Buzz LightyearIMG_3659

Cale and BuzzIMG_3662

Claire and Cale with Mr. Potato HeadIMG_3666

The kids building custom potato headsIMG_3674

Saturday night, the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Steve and I went out on a date.  This year is our tenth anniversary of everything, so we are celebrating all year long.  (Steve and I met on a blind date in January 2004, got engaged in June and married in November of 2004.)  We were going to go see Saving Mr. Banks at the movie theater at Downtown Disney, but they were sold out by the time we got there.  So we decided to go to T-Rex for dessert.  What a fun place to hang out!IMG_2201

Happy Anniversary of Everything, My Love!IMG_2196

We ordered the chocolate extinction – it was so yummy!  We even had enough to take some back for Grandma and Grandpa.IMG_2206

We had such a fun night walking around on the boardwalk and talking and laughing.  Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa for watching the kids!

Next post will be Part 2 – Magic Kingdom

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