Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Walt Disney World & Disney Cruise Aboard the Disney Magic – Part 2

On Sunday we opened and closed Magic Kingdom.

Riding the ferry  (The morning air out on the water was a bit chilly.)clip_image001

Cinderella’s Castleclip_image002

We take Claire’s picture by the mosaic mural inside of the castle during every visit.  Here’s her picture from May 2012clip_image003

And here is the picture we took last week:clip_image004

Side-by-side you can tell how much she’s grown in a year and a half – all the way up to the light-green leaf!Claire - castle

The girls riding Prince Charming Regal Carouselclip_image005


My princess riding with her daddyIMG_2220

Cinderella’s glass slipper, on display in Princess Fairytale HallIMG_2233


Claire and Cale with Rapunzel  (Isn’t she great?  She referred to Cale as a “little ruffian”!)IMG_2240.2


The princessesIMG_2248.2

Meeting Snow WhiteIMG_2251.2


Then Snow White kissed Cale!!IMG_2257.2

I missed the kiss but got a pic of the evidence!IMG_2263.2

When we left Princess Fairytale Hall, we ran into Cinderella’s stepmother and her stepsisters, Anastasia and DrizellaIMG_2264


Then we went to meet Mickey Mouse – He talks!IMG_2268.2


As we were making our way back to Fantasyland, we found ourselves in the front of the line to meet Merida!IMG_2292




One thing I LOVE about meeting the Disney characters is that they don’t rush you.  They take time to interact with each person and family before posing for pictures.  It’s actually an encounter and an experience rather than just a photo shoot.  It makes my kids feel so special and important.  Another thing we love about Disney!

We rode the Mad Tea Party (a/k/a the teacups).  Afterward we ran into the White Rabbit and Alice.

Cale managed to get all of the pretty girls to hug him!IMG_2300

Claire got plenty of hugs too!IMG_2302.2


We headed over to the Storybook Circus next and rode Dumbo.IMG_2308




Then Cale just had to check out the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station since it was a “choo-choo train.”  He managed not to get too wet.IMG_2321

Then we rode our favorite ride in the new Fantasyland – Under the Sea:  Journey of the Little Mermaid.IMG_2323

Oh how I love this face!IMG_2330

After the ride, we went to Ariel’s Grotto to meet Ariel.  She was beautiful and so very sweet!IMG_2340.2



Check out Rapunzel’s tower!  And the lanterns!IMG_2350


Then we just rode more rides.  Claire’s favorite was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  She rode it twice.

We found the perfect spot to watch Wishes Nighttime Spectacular.IMG_2356

I took several short videos of the show, so that we could remember it.  How cool is this?!  (The videos don’t do it justice; but trust me, this is spectacular!)


Watching the fireworksIMG_2382.2



Leaving the park - our babies were plumb wore out! clip_image008

We had to take one last picture of the six of us in front of the castle.  My babies were so tired that they were crying.  Ahh…  Memories!IMG_2398

The next post will have pictures from our cruise!

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