Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maggie's Promotion

Sound the alarm --- some homes in the area have been burgled!!! Effectively immediately, Miss Maggie Huffing-Schnauzer will no longer be caged in the absence of her people. I'm confident that this will have the desired affect on the three males looming in a teal-colored four-door sedan.

Given this news, I worked with Maggie on her attack skills today. We refer to this toy, that was a gift from Grandma, as Tasha -- after Grandma's dog that bears a resemblance. Maggie knows this toy's name and loves to really give it what for.

She is too funny!!
So about two months ago we noticed strange noises from above the nursery. I investigated and found that some sort of small rodent had taken up residence in our attic. After consulting a professional, I was advised to put a D-Con trap out. The theory is that the unsuspecting disease-host will have a snack, get thirsty, leave the attic to get water and then die! Hoping that this was really how it worked, I followed the instructions. Immediately after I put out the D-Con, all of the annoying sounds ceased. I was rather impressed and didn't give it another thought.
Recently, on the other end on the house, in the area right above where I am sitting right now, we have noticed some of these same noises recurring. This area is a little more difficult to get to in the not-so-spacious attic area. So I went to Lowe's and bought bait that can be thrown into position. It didn't work. So today I moved the D-Con pack from above the nursery to the new trouble site, all the while utilizing my pro contortionist skills.
I'll keep you updated. If not before, surely it will scurry away when the heat of the summer arrives. It gets stinkin' hot up there.
More to come...

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Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

If Maggie is anything like Corbin our dog, she will roll over and want the bad guys to rub her tummy.
About two weeks ago some bad guys or gals broke into Ryan's car while at Walmart. They stole two new mini laptops, gps and part of my birthday gift. They broke the back passenger window. We are trying to decide if it has really been worth shopping at Walmart since all of our savings have gone out his car window. Argh!
Maybe he needs a guard dog for his car?? I mentioned that the animal shleter has a cute little dog that needs a foster home yesterday and his reply was " Have you lost your mind"?
Love you lots, looking forward to the Virtual Baby Shower!