Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh The Shame

So when you take a 6'3" man and put him on a scooter built for a 4'5" Asian woman the scene is most comical. Yes its scooter season again click here for a fun reminder of just how ridiculous I look. It turns out I look a little more ridiculous when the scooter suffers a minor mechanical failure on a road with no shoulder.

Yes its true, a small snafu yesterday caused the scooter to stop running while rocketing out of the airport at about 40MPH. I had to drag the scooter up a curb and into the grassy area along the side of the road. I quickly discovered that the problem was a loose wire, I then proceeded to remove and drop a cotter pin that was too hot to hold.

So now I have to find a 10mm cotter pin on the side of a busy four lane road in the dirt. All the while wearing dress clothes mind you. I was determined, and it payed off, I found the dreaded piece, and after three attempts I got it right and was off again for fun times at home.

I backed up my roadside repair with some zip ties this morning before I left back for the airport not wanting a repeat of the events of yesterday.

On an up note, I love that I'm able to make random strangers smile again -- oh let the waves, honks, snickers, and stares begin -- just today a guy actually honked and gave me the peace sign -- ah yes, nothing like a good scooter ride to bring people together for world peace.

Amy was so cute this morning, I was petting her head a little when I woke up as she was lightly snoring, she immediately puckered in her sleep wanting a kiss. Isn't that adorable?

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