Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How I Roll

I know I promised long ago a photo shoot of me on my wife's scooter. But first a little history. The first year Amy and I were married she really wanted a Vespa for her birthday; I was working as a teacher at the time and going to school full time, and it turns out Vespa's are not cheap; so I found the closest thing to it in my price range. A Chinese replica, this thing came with all the bells and whistles. It has the cargo carrier mounted on the rear, a remote starter, alarm system and supercharger to push the 49.99CC power plant up to 45 miles per hour.

Amy loves her scooter, but she doesn't like riding it alone. Since it only has one seat she rides mostly in the neighborhood sometimes, but until I get her a two seater, or a motorcycle for myself so we can ride the open road together the scooter spends a lot of time in the garage, or at least it did until I decided to get it licensed in Texas and start riding it to the gym and lunch dates etc. Recently I even learned that I can ride it to the airport and park very near the front door of my terminal at no charge. This is much better than riding it to the parking lot because when I do the attendant has to bring a dolly out to make the entry arm think a car is actually wanting to come in the parking lot, and that was getting old.

So how cool is this I get to ride like the wind to the front door of the airport, park amongst the pristine Harley Davidsons, and Honda Shadows, go fly an airplane all day, and ride like the wind home. What a life, seriously, does it get any better? For your viewing pleasure here are some photos of 'How I Roll'

As always safety first

Headlight on -- note the truck with a 6.0 liter engine to my right, it cannot compete with 80MPG

And I'm off like a dirty shirt

Do people laugh? yes they do! Do I care? did I say 80 MPG? I get everything from waves out of sunroofs, to jealous glares, to all out fall down (Wipeout like) laughter, I'm 6'3" on a scooter built for a 100lb oriental woman. I think people are especially jealous of the custom paint job with matching helmet (that is also a little too small for me). Every ride is an adventure -- it keeps me (and my fellow drivers) entertained.

Tomorrow the comment card about seat 29E (Spoiler Alert) and how graphically a young man who was assigned to that seat did not appreciate it, or its location in the airplane (I am currently marking out any words that I find inappropriate for our family style blog, so it will be a safe, clean read).

Have a Great Day!


Valerie said...

Oh, you know it makes the Fischer family so very proud to see a fellow scooter rider! Doug has story after story he could tell about people's reactions to him on our Honda Metropolitan's (which we don't own anymore). But hello! Who cares about any reactions when you are getting 80+ mpg?! That pretty much gives you the right to laugh in all of their faces. I wish I could ride mine more to save gas, but alas, it is not legal (nor safe, except in other countries) to strap my three-year-old on with me...:)

Cherringtons said...

Can i just say im so glad you still have your crazy, fun personality! when i read your stuff i can picture you exactly how you would say or do things. My husband would probably ride one to work also, he loved through the neighborhood on his friends back in the day we had a good time on it.

Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

This reminded Ryan of Mr. Bean. We had a good chuckle after a hectic day with 6 children. If they only made a vespa that seats 8.
Love you lots!!