Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Claire--

Yesterday, while at Target, I was holding Claire as she had experienced enough car seat time for one day. Most of the time when I hold her she wants to face forward, I was dutifully obliging for this outing. As we were strolling down the highly polished aisle I was informed by a friendly Target Team Member that she was spitting up. This nice lady quickly put a 'WARNING SPILL' sign up, and sent us on our way assuring us she would take care of it. The really funny part is that about five minutes later she spit up even more, and the same Team Member just happened to be coming around the corner -- once again 'WARNING SPILL' this time I insisted on cleaning up my Daughters mess (She is SO CUTE!).
My Girls!

Watching the game with her Daddy, note the crossed legs!

Today the Norton Family is making the switch from Cable to Satellite -- The installer is probably not prepared for me, my questions and my requests, so perhaps I'll fix him a coffee when he gets here. It's not my fault that DirectTV doesn't have a 'trial period' or some sort of satisfaction guarantee. The contract clearly states that once the installer leaves there is no turning back -- he may be here a while, while I test the system for my satisfaction. To be safe I've not cancelled the Cable yet.

And finally in the Things That Make Me Laugh file. When someone is really hacking you off politely state "You are causing my mood ring to turn an icky shade of brown!" This could really be used a number of ways, particularly when talking ABOUT someone. And for my favorite talent of the week MOUNTAIN UNICYCLING!


No this is not an altered photo, this is a real sport that is taking some small groups of interesting people by storm! A friend of mine at work was talking about this the other day like it was perfectly normal, citing the wonderful advantage that there was only one set of bearings, and one tire to worry about. At first I thought it must be something that is done in small spurts with lots of breaks -- but no, these people train for countless hours, and participate in real races!

I failed unicycle riding in gym class. I'm certain if I couldn't figure it out in a semester on a flat wood floor, then I certainly shouldn't be riding down trails in the SNOW!

Have a great day!


LunarWorld said...

Steve, you are hilarious. Claire is so little! It's hard to tell her size in close-up pics, but that one of you and her is so adorable.

Matt and Randi said...

Nor shall I try that mountain unicycling thing. Two wheels are better than one, in this case.

Valerie said...

Mountain unicycling? Crazy. Odd fact about my childhood (among other things): my brother received a unicycle sometime when we were in elementary school. He mastered it immediately. 20-some-odd-years later, I still cannot venture more than a few feet forward.

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