Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have To Ask!

It was shortly after 9/11 and I was working at Miller Swim School in Tulsa, OK. To much pomp and circumstance a flag pole had been erected at the facility on this particular day - everyone loved it, the kids especially thought it was really neat!

On day one of the flag poles existence I was closing, as I was getting ready to leave for the night, I realized that I had not taken down the flag. I quickly put my things down and untied the rope to allow the flag to lower. Much to my horror I quickly realized the rope ends had not been tied together and as the flag lowered the end of the rope quickly went up in the air over the pully and fell to the ground at my feet.

I was troubled by this chain of events and was unsure of what I would do to fix this multi-level oversight. I thought about a ladder, but quickly ruled that such a decision could easily lead to my demise. I then considered shimmying up the pole, but came to the same conclusion. As I pondered my options I decided that surely there was a fire unit bored out of their mind that would love nothing more than to come out with their ladder truck and 'train' on its use in our parking lot while simultaneously fixing this little blunder.

So I called the county non-emergency number and asked for the phone number of a fire station that had a ladder truck, the operator kindly provided the information and I put out the call. The Fireman that answered basically blew me off stating that the Chief would have to make such a decision and to call back in the morning, I implored him to make an exception as we needed the flag to be up first thing in the morning, and informed him that his help would be most appreciated. He stood firm insisting he could make no such decision.

I thanked him and hung up the phone. About a minute later the phone rang it was the local Fire Captain, he was curious as to where again I was located. I told him and it turns out the owner of the Swim School had been this guys Principal when he was in High School, and his football coach. He told me he would do ANYTHING or Mr. Miller and informed me they would be out in ten minutes. In eight minutes the guys arrived in their ladder truck, and the operation ensued!

It took them a while but eventually the flagpole was repaired, and tied off! I never spoke of this story at risk of sounding like a complete idiot until long after I left the employ of the Swim School. I actually forgot about it until last week, when I was reflecting about times I was thinking outside the box and the outcome was surprising, this definitely falls into that category. And now its just funny!

Amy, Claire and I are off to Tulsa this week for a Birthday extravaganza -- it should be great fun, and we are going to get to see some old friends, including Mr. and Mrs. Miller -- it should be a hoot!

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