Monday, November 23, 2009

Anniversary Trip

Steven and I just celebrated our 5th Anniversary!!! Since Steve had a week's vacation off of work, we decided to take a trip. We left on Saturday for NYC for some shopping. While there, we met up with Matt and Randi. We had a great time with them! Then on Monday we flew from NYC to Fresno, CA to spend some time with my Uncle Roy, Aunt Vi and favorite cousin, Lana, and her husband Gary. We also got to have dinner with Gary and Lana's daughter and her family. It was a fabulous trip!

We flew into Newark Airport in New Jersey and took the train into NYC's Penn Station. This was mine and Claire's first AmTrak ride. Our train:

The three of us on board the train. Claire was asleep in her stroller.
From Penn Station we rode the subway to our hotel in Queens. Here's Claire during her first subway ride:
Steve, Matt and I took turns carrying Claire around in her carrier. She loves this thing, and it's easy for us to carry her this way. (Randi is already carrying around my niece or nephew, so she didn't take a turn with Claire. Steve and I are SO excited about getting to be an uncle and aunt again!)
We did a lot of shopping, including a visit to Toys-R-Us in Times Square. This was taken by the lego model of the NYC icons. You can see the huge T-Rex from Jurassic Park in the background.
We also went to Bloomingdale's. This picture was taken in the window of the children's department on the 8th floor.
Matt and Randi just outside of Macy's in Herald Square.
Steve and Claire with the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. They hadn't even put the lights on it yet, but they did have the scaffolding up.
Radio City decked out for Christmas
Matt and Randi on the subway
Then we were off to California.

The girls - Lana, Aunt Vi and me
Uncle Roy and Aunt Vi took us out to eat at Tahoe Joe's - so yummy!
My beautiful family!!!
Uncle Roy, Claire, Aunt Vi, me and Steve
We had a fabulous time with Matt and Randi and with our Californians. It was a great trip!
Happy Anniversary, Babe! The past five years have been the happiest and most wonderful! I love you more than anything!
For more pictures of Claire, check out her blog:

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Matt and Randi said...

Thanks for coming to see us. We had a great time!