Monday, September 28, 2009

The Announcement

So its official -- the show will now be called Kate Plus Eight! -- What a tragedy, the decision some people make that can so easily destroy a family. Amy and I started watching this show late last year on a random basis, and I had this to say in November of 08:

And finally does anyone watch that show on TLC 'Jon and Kate Plus Eight'? -- I must say that I am really disappointed in how those people treat each other (mind you I don't have eight children). Amy and I strive to always be kind, and supporting to each other. We don't make jokes about each other, and when people we might find ourselves around start complaining about their mate, we simply point out the wonderful things that we do for each other. It's amazing how quickly the conversation turns when we do this. Little Miss Jon and Kate do not share our views on this topic. They are very nit-picky and tacky to one another, they are quick to place blame, or cast bad lights on each other. Don't do that to your mate, its not nice, put your mate on a pedestal, admire them, remind them everyday that they are the best thing that ever happened to you. Make them feel important, and thank them for everything they do. And guys when your wife wants you to go shopping (and its not somewhere fun like Ross) just offer to carry her bags, follow behind her, and occasionally call her pretty.

It's really dreadful that these children are having to go through this with the world watching. It turns out the shows ratings have never been higher than they have been since the original split. While it is true that they never appeared to be nice to each other while on camera (I can't imagine what life was like without the cameras), their obligation to each other when they took the vows were real; and it appears that at least one of them chose not to keep them.

This is what is happening in our world, a married couple has issues, it finds its way onto their weekly TV show, the issues get more aggravated, more people tune in, the marriage dissolves, and people love it! There are more news stories, and interviews surrounding these two people right now than there has ever been (kudos to Kate for staying out of most of that drama). When my Grandparents were my age this kind of behavior was unacceptable, moral and ethical obligations meant something to everyone - and most importantly they were based on Scripture! What is happening?

Coming soon a most amusing story about my gumption as it relates to a flag pool snafu!

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