Monday, December 7, 2009

Could It Be?

Yes a blog post at last from yours truly! Amy has taken over most posting as it seems lately I've not had nearly the time available for such activities as I have in the past. I even missed the glorious opportunity to humor you all (assuming there are any of you left?) with a rousing rendition of my snowy weather report from Houston.

This year Amy and I declared that we would do our best to surprise one another with Christmas gifts. This has never really happened as usually we are with each other, and like -- oh I want that, I could get it for you for Christmas...okay.. and on it goes. When it comes time to open gifts so often we already know what we are going to open. This is year is suppose to be different, and I hope it is.

The crazy part is that I believe that stores should at all times have all products in the exact same place it was when I saw Amy eye-balling it. It turns out it is not possible to go back to Target a month later and expect them to have the very item she was salivating over. Evidently so many other ladies were salivating and buying at once, either spoiling the surprise, or buying it outside of the gift giving motivation.

We like to buy things for each other randomly -- then when Christmas/Birthdays come around its like 'What ever should I get him/her.' I started keeping a list of things to get Amy early last year, I thought I would be clever and password protect the document, the funny thing is that she knows my normal passwords, so I made up a new one (I have no idea what that might be) and now have no way to access the document!

She claims to have a harder time finding things to buy for me -- and I suppose this is right. I'm that guy that gets it in my head that I need something and runs out immediately to buy it no matter the price. I'm working on this bad habit because not only does it squash a potential gift ideas for Amy but it probably costs me a lot of money in the long run as she is much better at looking for sales and finding coupons.

While on the topic of finding the best price I would like to once again affirm my disdain for Best Buy -- it all started in 2001 when I bought a software program that appeared to be a fraction of the original price. When I tried to install it a warning appeared stating that the software I bought was an upgrade for an older version. I was befuddled as nowhere on the box was the word UPGRADE printed.

I poured over this box in vein trying to locate the key word; finally I decided to pull back the cleverly placed BEST BUY price tag to see the all important indicator had been maliciously hidden from view. I quickly studied the return policy at the said retailer and knew I had a fight on my hands as opened software cannot be returned. I put the price tag in place, waited in the Customer (no) Service line and immediately asked for a manger. I asked him what this box looked to him like it contained. After his expected response I showed him the trickery his staff was up to. He simply pointed to the return policy that opened software cannot be returned and motioned for me to move aside for the next customer.

I love Amazon! repeated returns -- no problem. Slightest issue -- immediate refund. Tinge of brown on the mood ring when dealing with the company -- NEVER... The only MINOR problem with Amazon is tied to my earlier musings about patience, sometimes I just want it right now -- you know what I mean?

How about a post a day between now and Christmas? Some of them may be from my Iphone riddled with errors, but I'll do my best



Amy said...

You crack me up, Babe!

LunarWorld said...

I'm still reading! I love your viewpoint.

So was the iPhone responsible for this error? You should have "pored" over it in "vain"... :)

Happily Ever After said...

Funny comments from the two best proofreaders I know

Matt and Randi said...

bring it.