Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Greatest Gift

The last Greatest Gift post referenced the Sham-Wow. I know you may be thinking this is hard to top. But my lovely Bride managed. Oh yes she did get me a Snuggie! Blue in color, it is essentially a hunk of felt with arm holes, cut like a hospital gown.

I know the commercial shows a bunch of goof balls at the ball game cheering on their team in their Snuggies, I'm here to tell you that is hornswaggle! It would simply not be possible to stand and cheer on your team without the little felt project falling right off, unless of course it was secured around your body with some sort of industrial size clip to hold it on, although it was evidently attempted successfully by the B105 morning DJ's in Austrailia.

Another hilarious feature is the way Claire's hair stands on end when I walk by as a result of the static charge that the unsightly wearable blanket creates. Claire gets a puzzled look and has to tap her head to push her hair back down. Its adorable, speaking of walking in a Snuggie, I advise against it -- I'm taller than the average white male and have to hold it up when walking to keep from tripping over the front of it.

I'm sure if Threes Company was still on the air Mrs. Roper would have switched from moo moo, to Snuggie, I'm sure the Snuggie people would have seen to it. We can make fun of the Snuggie as much as we want but the creators are laughing all the way to the bank. The funny part is you know that they knew it was a joke. But it turns out once in a while a joke ends up being a winner to the tune of 20 million units sold!

And before I go let me just tell you that to add to the ricidulousness of it all there is now an electric version of the Snuggie. Yes its true a Snuggie you plug in, its an electrified piece of felt with arm holes. And its called --- The Toasty!


Matt and Randi said...

Hilarious! Would like to see a pic of Claire's hair on end.

Amy said...

The Toasty... Sounds like a PERFECT Valentine's Day gift!!!

Doyce said...

Very funny. Sounds like you have a "Toasty" in your near future.