Friday, March 4, 2011


Today we partook of the quintessential Memphian icon known as Graceland.  We were expecting it to be really cheesy, but it was actually interesting, entertaining and a lot of fun.  We really enjoyed it.  And I got a free ticket, so it was worth a visit.  Enjoy!064

Ready for Graceland!!010

First – The Mansion

Steve and Claire in the family room with the music room behind, divided by the peacock stained glass windows.013

Elvis promised his parents that he would take care of them, so he moved them into his house.  This is a picture of the walls of their bathroom.  I LOVE the wallpaper.016

Here’s a close up of those cute little doggies!  You can just bet that wallpaper like this will exist in my new home if I can find it or something similar.  So cute!!016.2

The jungle room – such strange furniture.  I did, however, like the wall fountain.017

Elvis’ media room – notice the wall of mirrors as well as the ceiling of mirrors.020


The pool room – Yes, the walls and ceiling are covered in matching fabric.023

But Elvis didn’t stop there – he made sure the couches in the room matched the ceiling and walls.  Hmm…024

Checking out some of the exhibits032


Elvis’ final resting place – in the Meditation Garden041

Claire in the Meditation Garden044

Claire just outside the front gate052

the gate053

Next up – the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum058

THE Pink Cadillac075

PopPop’s dream car belonged to Elvis068

More exhibits081


The Elvis Radio studio086

The Lisa Marie – incredible plane – totally the way to travel!087


We took the Platinum tour, so we saw the Studio 68 exhibit and the Fashion King exhibit as well; however, I did not take any pictures of those exhibits.

We had a great day today!  We definitely recommend a visit to Graceland for anyone visiting Memphis.

Thank you, Steve, for the taking the day off to hang with your ladies!  We had a marvelous time with you!!

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