Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Artist





While we’re very proud of Claire’s artistic abilities, we prefer that she color on her coloring book pages and not the walls.

Here her daddy is explaining that she should not color on the walls.007

After explaining her naughtiness to her, her daddy handed her a Magic Eraser to wash the walls.013

I think she enjoyed cleaning it up as much as she enjoyed coloring it.014

Scrub!  Scrub!  Scrub!016

PopPop called to wish Claire a happy 22 months just as she was getting in trouble for her artwork.  He reminded me that she comes from a long line of artists who think the world is our canvas, as both PopPop and Mommy were known to color on walls.

Claire is 22-months-old today.  A few things you might not know about our beautiful girl – she can count to 10; she knows the names of most of the animals; she’s very affectionate and will often volunteer an “I lud you!” to her family; she loves to run; she’s started pronouncing the ends of words (i.e. previously she would say “cash” now she says “caTCH” with an emphasis on the end; previously “wa” now “waLK”, again with the emphasis on the end); she loves to sing and knows all of the words to the songs she hears most often; and she loves to dance.  We could not be prouder of her!  She is such a joy!

Happy 22 months to Our Little Artist!


Valerie said...

Oh, this cute post will make her laugh when she is older! I love that you had her help scrub it off as well. :) She is a doll! And those curls? I bet people stop you all the time to tell you what a cutie she is!

Matt and Randi McComber said...

Oh my gosh, what a mess. Fortunately, I don't think Kenley will ever misbehave.

Anonymous said...


Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

so so cute!!!

MiMi and PopPop said...

I think I see some real creativity there...she must take after her MiMi!

peaceandquiet said...

Thankfully the chosen medium was a crayon!
Such a cutie!