Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Afternoon With The Jernigans

My grandma’s baby sister, Aunt Vi, came to visit last week.  We had a party at the nursing home where Gram lives.  We had lunch and cake and then gathered around the piano and sang. 

The Jernigans love to sing.  If there’s a piano or keyboard or guitar or anything we can use to make music, we sing when we get together.  I have grown up loving the sing-alongs.  This was the first opportunity my kids have had to enjoy such a treat!  They loved it!

Here are a few pics and videos from the afternoon.

PopPop, MiMi, Claire, Uncle Roy, GiGi, Aunt Vi, Uncle DuieIMG_3624

Two of my most favorite people – Claire and Uncle RoyIMG_3625.2


Aunt Vi and meIMG_3630.2

Sisters – My Gram and Aunt ViIMG_3632.2

Uncle Duie and PopPopIMG_3643.2

Claire started off watching Aunt Vi play the piano…IMG_3647

Then she started singing…IMG_3659

Then she started playing the piano with Aunt Vi.  Claire had the best time!IMG_3670

Uncle Duie (GiGi’s brother), Uncle Roy (GiGi’s brother-in-law) and PopPop (GiGi’s son) – Their mouths are open because they’re singing.IMG_3650

We attracted quite the crowd – most of whom knew all of the words to the old hymns.IMG_3678


I had the opportunity to hear and record my grandmother singing.  I haven’t heard her sing in so long.  I love that beautiful soprano voice!  It’s so sweet and so comforting!  I will treasure this video forever.

More singing – I love this!!

I used to the be the little girl who snuggled up in Uncle Roy’s strong, loving arms.  I am so very glad that my little girl is getting to know her Uncle Roy and that she is his “Dandy Girl” too! IMG_3688

And my son is the newest “Hot Dog” in the bunch.  Here’s a pic of his getting some love from Aunt Vi.IMG_3686

My dad also played.  Such a talented family we have!  I hope my kids will learn to play.IMG_3695

After the sing-along, my kids loved “playing” the piano and hanging out with GiGi.IMG_3704

What a perfectly wonderful day!  I am so glad that we live close to GiGi, and that we were here to spend time with Uncle Duie, Uncle Roy and Aunt Vi.  What precious days these are!  I love my wonderful family!  How very blessed I am!

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Lynette Jernigan Farrand said...

(Well, will try posting again - first time didn't go through)
Amy, thank you so much for capturing this video of Aunt Mildred singing with Aunt Vi. I sat here and cried as I watched it. We have such a wonderful heritage and I'm so glad you're exposing your kids to it, too.
Love you, sweetie!!! Lynette