Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Fun

We have had so much fun with the kids and their costumes this year.  Claire (with a little help from her mommy) picked out their monkey costumes.  Cale’s costume is a monkey with a banana, and Claire’s is a monkey ballerina.  They are just too cute!IMG_4141.2


Our first costumed event was the Fall Festival at Church on the Move on Saturday.  We went with Aunt Shannon, Analise (a/k/a Mulan) and Allie (a/k/a Minnie Mouse).077.2


Me and my baby monkey084.2


What a great festival – blue grass music, the smell of kettle corn, crisp cool air, cute kids, lots of candy, shrills of laughter.  It was fantastic!IMG_4162

Climbing on the inflatables099

Playing gamesIMG_4178


Roasting marshmallowsIMG_4191







My sleepy monkeysIMG_4225.2

We had a great time!IMG_4225.3

Next up was Malloween at Woodland Hills Mall on Tuesday with MiMi and PopPop.



Claire saw this poster in the Sephora window and fell in love with these lips with lipstick.  She really wanted me to take her

My monkeys “monkeying” aroundphoto(140).2

Then on Wednesday night, we went to the carnival at the nursing home where GiGi lives.  Many of the residents who live there gave out candy, so we were able to trick-or-treat too.  Last year there were over 300 kids who attended the carnival at Glennwood.  I haven’t heard the number of attendees at this year’s carnival, but it was packed!  They had lots of games to play – everything from the toilet paper toss to a cake walk to wheel of fortune to a bean bag toss.  They had a haunted house.  And they gave out tons of candy and prizes, raffled a girl’s bicycle and a boy’s bicycle, gave away cotton candy and hot dogs, etc.  Claire loved it!  She came home with a bucket full of toys and candy.018.2




Cale kept taking his candy out of his bucket and tried to be sneaky, hiding it under his hoodie, while attempting to taste it.010

Cale hung out with GiGi while Claire played games at the carnival.013

Claire standing in line to play a game (I was holding her very full and very heavy bucket.)  I never got a picture of her playing games, but she was great at them.014

A great time was had by all!  Thanks, GiGi, for inviting us to join you.  You threw a great party!

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!  We’re loving it!

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