Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Our dog Maggie is ready to be introduced, the funniest creature you would ever like or dread to meet. She is the most emotional dog on the face of the planet; most gleefull at times and most obtuse at others. If Maggie hears us telling her something she doesn't want to hear she will simply turn her nose the other way as if we don't exist. If I have been gone for a while (5 minutes, or 4 days) she will attach her nose to my right calf (never the left for some religous reason no doubt) and keep it there following me wherever I might go. She knows that I don't allow her in the bed when I am there, so of course if I leave early in the morning while Amy is still sleeping as soon as the door shuts she pounces on the bed and makes her way under the covers to the very foot. Walks are a near impossibility with Maggie, she prefers to run and tug at the very end of her 20 foot extendable leash, me on a bicycle or in the car is more suited to her pro sprinting abilities. I could go on and will on another post; perhaps with her rendition of Happy Birthday, or a video of the time she threw her ball in the hot tub and promptly leaped in after it even though she hates water (all the while managing to keep her head dry)

Maggie lying on Amy's foot.

When Amy and I decided to get married I told her that our life would be full of fun and adventure. Since that time three and a half years ago we have had a ton of fun and a few domestic and international adventures. Our latest adventure at home has been the re-discovery of video games. For Easter Amy bought me a PS2 with Guitar Hero -- what fun, I had no idea video games were so interactive and interesting, we have had a lot of fun with it; of course we already beat the game on the 'Easy' mode, transitioning to Medium is a little more difficult than I anticipated it would be.

While this isn't the wildest thing we have done it is pretty fun to play these games and really fulfill our continued destiny of acting like children.

You will no doubtedly note that 'I Rock'

Of course one each beautiful Bride playing to exhaustion

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