Monday, April 28, 2008

We Make Time..

"We make time for things that are important..."

think about it we really do.

Its not my quote, nor as anyone ever said this to me in a tacky way (although I have to admit I've shared it with a person or two). Amy and I made time last weekend to help her brother move, in a few weeks we will go to my sisters wedding, although I didn't make my other sisters graduation. It was important to me, I sent a gift; but I didn't have time in my schedule to travel to the actual ceremony.

I make time for my friends, one called me not too long ago and wanted me to fly eight hours to enjoy one day of skiing with him, I did. Amy's Mom wanted her to come to Tulsa to go shopping about a month ago, she did. Those things were important to us. I never want people to feel like they aren't important to me. I remember in High School I was OVERLY INVOLVED. It had nothing to do with my College resume (Again only Amy can do the funny little line), or my popularity (I was probably popular for being a nerd and nothing else) but I just couldn't say no to anyone. As other students would start projects I would sign on, as the Principal would ask me to spearhead a group or community service project I would sign on. It got to the point where I started letting everyone down. I was making time for everything, but not the things that were really important to me.

When Amy and I met I was a bus driver on the weekends, I operated a vending route, I taught swim lessons when I could fit it in, I worked full time as a Maintenance guy, I flight instructed weekday afternoons, and I was holding about 15 credit hours of school during the evenings.

With that schedule its a wonder I found time for her; but after the firrst date I knew she was important to me and my life. I made time for 15 minutes on Wednesdays to call her. And about 3 hours on Friday to spend time with her. Thats not much -- we spent much of that time talking about our future together and she spent a lot of time making sure our whole lives weren't going to be so tightly scheduled.

its okay to laugh -- we laugh about it..

She is so patient, when we got married I don't guess we had spent more than 500 hours together. In perspective I had spent more time flying airplanes than I had with the woman I was marrying.

If I put things on a rating scale, God always comes first, Amy second, our famililes third and then everything else. We make it a point to make time for things that are important; be we come second on the list and sometimes things lower on the list get slided for number one or number two.


Shannon said...

Have I mentioned that I love you both to pieces...I am so glad things worked out the way they did for you both!

I am so proud of you both for your relationship with god, with each other and with your family.

Analise says Hi to her Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy

Anonymous said...

Ito Love you and my What a Great Grandson i have With a Great Wife so my love to both Grampa