Friday, May 2, 2008

The Story of Us - Part 3

After dinner, we went ice skating! I love to ice skate. I am not a great skater, but I can certainly make my way around the circle and stop and turn. I can even go backward. However, when we got there, I asked Steve to help me lace up my skates. As we stepped out onto the ice, I reached for his hand to "steady myself." Apparently these two things gave him the impression that I had no clue how to skate.

So there we were on our first date, holding hands, skating around in an endless circle, laughing and getting to know one another. It was perfect.

At one point when we were taking a break, Steve sat in a puddle of water. When he got up, I commented that his hiney was wet. As he raised his untucked shirt to show it off, he said, "That's OK. I have a hot butt. It will dry quickly." What a line!

When we were too tired to skate anymore, we left the rink and went to Braum's for ice cream. We both ordered mint chocolate chip. While we were at Braum's, I had the thought again that this could be the man I will marry.

As he drove me home, Steve asked, "So where would you like to go next week?" What a great way to ask for a second date!

Stay tuned for details of the second date. Once again, it was a surprise, and socks were a requirement.

P.S. When Steve saw Shannon at work, she pumped him for information about how it went. He told her, and she busted me out by telling him that I knew how to skate. Thanks, Shannon. LOL

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