Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cha Ching!

As much as I wish I could be posting today about Claires birth --- per my faith statement, you'll recall. Its just not to be, Claire evidently is just having such a party inside her Mummy that she isn't quite ready to meet us yet.

Amy and I did learn something interesting the other day -- the baby is in the quiet/learning mood for about an hour after she is born. This only happens right after birth, and won't happen again for such a long period of time until she is 18 months old. This begs the question, what shall we teach her in this time? I'm voting for sign language/Spanish. Amy wants to teach her how to eat; surely there is time for both? And besides, won't she figure out how to eat whether or not she is in the mood?

As promised the little secret that has been hiding in our laundry room all these years. Our laundry room had a little makeover nearly two years ago, Amy had found the perfect light fixture (as you can see), and since we were at it, she also decided to have the walls painted Tiffany Blue. For your viewing pleasure here is a picture of the completed room, please pay no attention to the empty dog food dish at the bottom left, Maggie is fine.
As you can see there wasn't much room so when I began painting I removed the washer and dryer to really give me a lot of room to get my paint on. As we were putting the appliances back (it really does help that our neighbor is a HS football player, and all of his teammates always seem to be at his house) I noticed something strange on the floor -- see for yourself.

Looks like what the world says Jesus looks like to me! As I said before, despite the advertised decrease in value according to the local tax office, I say that this easily doubles the value of our humble (silent h in this part of the country -- seriously) abode!

Although if things get tight I may just cut out this tile and Ebay it -- I wonder if it would make Jay Lenos list of 'Stupid Things We Found on Ebay'? I made reference to Catholics in a previous post, for some reason (I can say this having once been a Catholic) they find a little more value in things like this than your normal lay person; so that will for sure be the target market!

When I lived in Salt Lake there was a large tree that was struck by lightning -- here is the story:

In May 1997, in a downtown Salt Lake City neighborhood, a city worker discovered an image of the Virgin Mary in a tree stump that had been struck by lightning. News of the anpparitio spread quickly throughout the largely Hispanic area, and a platform and stairs were soon erected by the city to accommodate the steady stream of worshippers. Ten years later, the faithful still find their way to the tree, and the area is festooned with rows of candles, objections of devotion, and a kneeling altar.

Incidentally I visited this tree with my Grandma in 1999, and couldn't really see the proclaimed image -- here is a picture from two years ago, and I still can't really see it. There was an army of Nuns at the site the night we visited -- they asked us if we were Catholics, my Grandma replied that we were Born Again Christians, the Nun turned and walked away. A lot of Catholics are Christians, but I'm not convinced that particular one was.

Anyway, I'll take sealed bids if anyone would like to buy our house, by the way your offer must include a house twice this size with "Sauna, swimming pool, and room for pony." Any guesses on who's line that is?


Valerie said...

Where in the heck did you learn about the "quiet time/learning hour"? That's hilarious -- I've never heard of such a thing. Maybe that's what's wrong with all of us, our parents never took advantage...:)

LunarWorld said...

I don't see Jesus at all, sorry. But I see Mary plain as day.

I'm sorry that I didn't know about the learning hour. Such a missed opportunity to instruct my daughter in the superiority of Mac over PC!

Matt and Randi said...

I will give you $1 for your house and tile floor. Offer ends at midnight.