Friday, May 1, 2009


Cinco de Mayo is the day -- that is when we've decided Claire will be born. I know it may be a stretch of faith but I'm off that day, and a celebration has already been scheduled in the entire country of Mexico so lets just stand in agreement that May 5th will be Claires 'birth'day. We have one other bit of luck on our side, the full moon is coming. Everyone knows that more women give birth on the full moon than not, and while the full moon isn't technically until May 10th, I'm sure the magnetic forces of the earth will understand that May 5th is far more convenient for us!

Amy announced to me yesterday that she is ready to have the baby -- she is no longer enjoying the internal deep tissue 'massage' compliments of her daughter. Claire has a special place for her foot right between Amy's bottom two ribs on the left side (never the right for religious reasons no doubt). Anyway, we have learned if we put an ice pack in that region she throws the cutest little temper tantrum/hissy fit -- then finally retreats back into the proper position with her feet in her own personal space.
This morning Amy was wanting Chocolate waffles -- I began to whip up this little breakfast favorite when I realized that as a result of her craving for chocolate chip cookies last night we were plum out of chocolate. Never fear, Hersheys syrup to the rescue -- by the way did you know the number one seller for the Hersheys company is the Kiss followed by their syrup? Did you also know that they have never spent money on television advertising for their Hershey's Syrup? Remeber the old tin cans? -- fun facts you learns when visiting a little town called Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Anyway I was so proud of my breakfast creation I decided to take a picture, its been a while since I put a picture on the blog, so why not some good food?

Always keeping little miss Colleen (you'll recall a certain personal trainer) in mind, I made my waffles with the heart healthy Bisquick (which by the way tastes no different than the regular Bisquick in my opinion), and topped them with strawberries, with just a touch of whipped cream smothered all over them...Hopefully she isn't a frequent blog reader.

Speaking of Colleen I ran into her the other day and she promptly ran up to me and pinched my belly. I suddenly realized how Amy must feel with people always wanting to pet her baby bump. Colleen of course was checking me for body fat -- she gave me a satisfactory nod, and told me to keep up the good work; I guess that's a good thing.

Now on to the swine flu -- first of all, its the stinkin flu is it not? I understand its hitting us a little late in the 'season' but its seriously just the flu. And a seemingly mild form -- only 96 deaths at last count I think. Seriously -- 96! Aren't there like 3,000 annually from the normal flu? Why is the media trying to get us all worked up? I almost laughed outloud yesterday when I actually saw some people in the airport with masks on, I don't know why it just made me chuckle. But really the joke is on them -- it makes it look like they are the ones with the disease, and they are protecting us from infection. I briefly thought about going over and thanking them for wearing the mask, but thought I might just leave this one alone.

***note -- my facts are a bit askew -- there are only 600 cases world wide and only like 10 deaths -- seriously, why are we even discussing this???***

I shall like to start a mask count -- so far I've seen four people with masks -- interestingly there was a family of four, of which only three people had the mask on -- the mother wasn't wearing hers, further confirming my suspicion that the people with the masks are the ones with the flu. A flight attendant asked me yesterday if she would get in trouble for wearing a mask to work! I told her if she was that worried she should probably stay home. Although we do have one flight attendant that wears this little number while at work.

Yes its a personal air purifier that she wears around her neck. Its okay to laugh, I do -- she is the one flight attendant that can make me laugh every time I see her, lets just say the air purifier is just the title page of the dramatic novel that she represents.

I won't keep you any longer -- coming soon the tax assessment on our home went down 21% this year representing a drop in value, however Amy and I found something in our house that may very well have increased the value by significant margin if we can find a good Catholic buyer! -- hmm what could it be??

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Ryan, Jill and Kids said...

I love Friday's and loved your blog today. I remember our first baby kicking me under the ribs so hard, oooh it hurt! Also, I hate to say that the full moon thing is true. When I was in the hospital being induced to have Katie, there were so many mommies that we had a bed in the snack room, no joke, Coke machine and all!! Ryan and I shared the fabulous twin size hospital bed, listened to the mommy next to us in the same snack room complain and nurses come in and out for Coke.
We will pray that Claire will come soon.
This weekend, Ryan and I are taking 7 kids to the Greatwolf Lodge (waterpark in the hotel). Our kids and cousins Tyger and Thomas. Someday, Autumn will love having Claire come along on a cousin weekend away.